❌ How to Pick Up the 7 – 10 Split in Bowling 🎳

▶️ Learn how to pick up the 7-10 split! ◀️

On Saturday, February 10th at Cadillac XBC Lanes in Waterloo, Iowa… Kyle Krol left the dreaded 7-10 split.

He decided to attempt the split by throwing his bowling ball at the seven pin on the left side of the lane.

His attempt was successful and we all now know how to pick up the 7-10 split in bowling!

Great shot Kyle!

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30 Comments on “❌ How to Pick Up the 7 – 10 Split in Bowling 🎳”

  1. This was a great shot… but I take issue with 7-10 being the hardest spare in bowling. I’ve made the 7-10 8 times but I’ve NEVER made the 2-8-10… I made my first 7-10 on lane 60 at the Showboat when I was 10 years old… at like 3am (we were staying in the hotel)…

    1. I’ve made both splits you refer to many times, but the hardest is definitely not the 7-10. It’s the greek church. 4-6-7-9-10 is the hardest split, with the big four, 4-6-7-10 being the second hardest.

    1. It’s debatable. The 2 is so much further up the lane that you have a lot more distance to work with when trying to get it to ricochet off the wall and hit the 10 plus the most advantageous angle to hit the 2 basically makes you automatically hit the 8 anyway so the extra pin doesn’t muddy things up that much if at all.

    2. @blakfloyd theres 3 ways to get the 2,8,10
      b = ball

      8 ->10
      b 2-/

      8 <--10 2 or ^ l 8 10 2 b b28- -> 10
      8–/ ->10

      ^ ^ ^ ^
      b 8210

  2. This is how I make it on Brunswick A2 machines! I’m right handed and yes I would recommend for right handed bowlers to go for the 7-pin on these machines!

    1. @meme_ king65 do you know how hard it is?? getting close is at least something, i would have made it if the back are would actually let the pins bounce back up (it went to the other side but didn’t come up enough)

    1. Google just quotes internet posts. There really isn’t any credible source that makes them an authority on this.

    1. You’re crazy. Slow roll to the right of the 6 so the ball grabs just beside it to kick it over to the 4 (opposite for a lefty). I’ve picked it up a handful of times but never the 7-10.

  3. I’m no ‘bowling scholar’ but it seems that making a 7-10 split depends almost wholly on the shape of the pin-setting mechanism behind the pins, not on a straight ricochet. I say ‘almost’ because the bowler still must make a great shot.

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