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Matt Tomsu from Omaha Nebraska qualified 3rd out of 184 bowlers at the Fusion Realtors/Community 1st National Bank Open and was in the 6th frame of his first match when he delivered what he thought was a strike. Unfortunately for him, the head pin did not cooperate as it stood back up denying him a bid at a perfect game. Both he and his opponent Tony Manna were perfect through 5 frames until this oddity occurred.

Recorded LIVE from Maple Lanes in Waterloo, Iowa on Sunday Feb 26th 2017.

Commentators: Mike Flanagan (InsideBowling.com) & Nate Johnson (Local Bowler)

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  1. Whatever pin it was, 1-pin, 2-pin, whatever—the pin should have been spotted where it stood, for the second ball.

    1. NOPE. At least not by USBC rules for 2017-2018. But these rules have been the same forever.

      Here’s the relevant section (emphasis added by me)

      6b. Illegal Pinfall
      When any of the following occur, the delivery counts but the resulting pinfall does not:
      1. A ball leaves the lane before reaching the pins.
      2. A ball rebounds from the rear cushion.
      3. A pin rebounds after coming in contact with the body, arms or legs of a human pinsetter.
      *4. A pin is touched by mechanical pinsetting equipment.*
      5. Any pin knocked down when dead wood is being removed.
      6. Any pin knocked down by a human pinsetter.
      7. The player commits a foul.
      8. A delivery is made with dead wood on the lane or in the gutter and the ball contacts such dead
      wood before leaving the lane surface.
      9. A delivery is made with dead wood on the lane or in the gutter, and a pin, after coming into contact
      with the dead wood, knocks down one or more pins.
      If an illegal pinfall occurs and the player is entitled to additional deliveries in the frame, the pin(s)
      illegally knocked down *must be respotted where it (they) originally stood before delivery of the ball.*

    2. Yup, I thought that was goofy as all hell. Whether it’s in the rules or not, that’s just ridiculous, that’s just completely nonsensical.

    3. @Bill Boyd Even in league play, if the pinsetter knocks down a moved pin, or one that stands back up, the pin is spotted to its original position. If the pinsetter had just picked it up and set it back down where it was, it would have been played in that position.

      Moved pins are much more common in bowling, in fact I saw one just last night that had to be re-spotted, but I’ve actually had pins stand back up on me a few times in all my years bowling.

    4. @VinylToVideo If it doesn’t get knocked over the dead wood can be clearly manually but it has to be placed in the original position if it was cleared by the pinsetter or pinspotter. The fact of not knowing which pin it is is a very interesting point.

  2. Great detective work Dana and equally great description. Wierd that there was such initial agreement that it was the head pin. Thx for your passion!

  3. I heard that later that night while he was getting ready for bed, he put his toothbrush away and when he closed the medicine cabinet….THE PIN WAS RIGHT BEHIND HIM!!!!

    1. SLVMBER there are so many comments with hundreds, even thousands of likes that I’m just like “well that was pretty funny”. This one has me crying and I wish I could share that with the world 😂

    1. I guess they moved it so he can get a shot i think? But i dont kniw if the thing that picks and puts them down machine accepted it since i dont think it was supposed to sit there so i guess they mioved it a bit

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