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34 Comments on “#1 Secret to Hooking a Bowling Ball Like a Pro Bowler in 2021”

  1. It’s curving a ball. A hook is the shape used for fishing or if you are a pirate missing a hand. In bowling, we curve the ball.

    1. Literally no one says ‘curve’. It’s hook, always has been. I mean, you might as well say ‘spin or turn’ if you’re gonna say curve

    2. @Ron H Literally more and more bowlers are starting to use the correct term of curving the ball. The shape is a curve, not a hook. That is an archaic term. Remember when many said it’s a “Jersey” strike and now most say “Brooklyn”. Times change, language changes to adapt to the current culture. When you go fishing, you use a hook and the shape a bowling ball makes doesn’t resemble that shape at all. Languages change overtime to adapt to present terms.

    3. @InsideBowling So a hockey fan is going to set the language for bowling. 😂. Grow, adapt and change. Just like the two handed bowling style, the language is changing as the sport grows. Seriously think about it for a minute. Does the ball then change direction to be coming back toward the bowler which would be the shape of a hook or does the ball curve into the pocket? A student I was coaching brought this to my attention and he is right in my opinion. The ball curves, it doesn’t hook and then come back.

  2. This helps a lot. I have been focusing on my release, but not the backswing. Whan you say the elbow is inside, This means the elbow is closer to the body than the wrist. When you say the hand is inside at release, is the ball turned toward my leg. In the video at the last example, when the ball is at his ankle, it looks like the ball is turned toward the leg with hand on outside.

  3. I’ve been wondering what it was and now I’m figuring it out what I was missing. But this still looks harder than it seems.

  4. Machuga has one of the best all around games I’ve seen. One of my 2-3 most favorite bowlers. I wish he still bowled on tour.

    1. You could apply the lesson here to 2-handed bowlers. Check out our other two handed videos on our channel.

  5. This is something I’ve never seen on a bowling video; all bowling videos I’ve ever seen about hooking the ball talked about the hand position at the bottom of the swing…..never about bringing that elbow in. Great instructional video….thank you coach Shady.

  6. This was more helpful than all the other bull crap 11 minute tip videos. Thanks for getting straight to the point 👍

  7. This is very helpful for me because I’ve had trouble with my elbow going to the outside and me not even knowing and it would cause me to readjust and would cause me to pull the ball

  8. I live in California and as soon as the bowling alleys open , I would like to try this if I can still pick up a bowling ball .

  9. It was all good till Flannigan showed up at the end. LOL. Just kidding Mike we miss you at Crest.

  10. Like the scientific method, this would be way more educational for people that don’t know if he had his feet and the ball on the same boards for each shot. Also, this guy obviously needs a drink…

  11. Really is a very good tip, but isn’t secret. If you goes to read BARE BONES BOWLING from BRIAN VOSS, this topic is explained for him in his book. In the book, Brian explain and give you a couple of tips about how you can to do a negative angle. One is try to squeeze your armpit like you’ve got a hundred dollar bill. Or replacing the right knee for the ball in the downswing

  12. Glad you got machuga! His swing is flawless. He makes it look so easy playing the inside . I can only play the outside by keeping my hand up the back of it. If I play in- my ball will miss the pocket by a few boards to the right. It’s very frustrating!!! This video is so good and gives me something to work on next time I’m at the lanes.

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