4 Comments on “2 Bowling Tips for Pressure Situations. Pro Bowling Hacks to WIN MORE!”

  1. Thanks for the tips, guys. I always feel like I’m under pressure when bowling in league. I’m bowling in my very first Pro Am tomorrow in Chesapeake, VA and I’m excited but nervous. My biggest issue has been timing recently between the footwork and the free arm swing. I still tend to muscle the ball instead of relaxing my arm. I also tried doing a 5 step approach and it just threw me off, even though the ball was hooking more and still getting to the pocket on most shots, but this past week didn’t go so well. I feel like I’ve hit a plateau in my game. A few times I thought about giving up, but something inside me said that I should just grind it out and keep going. You guys do a good job of explaining these tips, and I hope that I will see progress in my own game if I just keep at it.

  2. Nice tip ! But i think most people inhale in 2-3 seconds. The total you mention here is 6+2+8 = 16 seconds. This is probably too much time for 99% of people. In fact in the demonstration in this video, it was only 6-7 seconds. The video you are referencing talks about 4-2-6, which is more close to normal breathing. Thanks for the tip !

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