10 Comments on “2 Drills for a Cleaner Bowling Release. Create Maximum Revolutions.”

  1. Releasing the ball consistently has been one of my biggest problems ever since I started bowling with a fingertip grip (about March 2020). Lately I’ve been having difficulty hooking the ball, and after watching this video, I have a better idea of what I need to do. Thanks Mike Shady and all the coaches at InsideBowling.

  2. This is my biggest issue and I’ve heard this and tried the foul line and one step drills but I still drag when I do them as well because I dont really get what I’m supposed to with my thumb.

  3. Literally every video is just the foul line and one step drill… I guess all you need to do to be a good bowler is practice the foul line and one step drill.

  4. Sorry all this video did was state the obvious and wasn’t actually constructively instructing on how to get that perfect release/thumb out quicker for proper rotation.
    It’s fine doing a realise drill but if you don’t know how to release properly or even a relatively experienced bowler struggling to get it down consistently. Maybe the video should of also included some more in-depth instruction/tips for this.
    However keep up the videos they are helpful. Just think this one could of gone that bit further with the detailing

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