2012 Proprietor’s Cup Elimination Match – Pluhowsky Vs Novak Vs Couch

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This is the semi-final match between Shannon Pluhowsky, Jason Couch, and Brandon Novak at the 2012 Proprietor's Cup Tournament. Two would move on to bowl for the top prize of $15,950. The Proprietor's Cup was held at Beaver Vu Bowl in Dayton Ohio.

InsideBowling.com's streaming services were on hand for online video coverage.

Commentators were InsideBowling.com's CEO Mike Flanagan, Dave Wodka from Ebonite International, and Tim Burg from Above180.com

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12 Comments on “2012 Proprietor’s Cup Elimination Match – Pluhowsky Vs Novak Vs Couch”

  1. Mod. House Shot was used..
    Tournament had 55 entries, $55,000 Prize Fund, paid 1:5
    1st Place – Shannon Pluhowsky – $15,950
    2nd Place – Brandon Novak – $9,900
    3rd Place – Jason Couch – $6,435

    2013 Event will be Bigger and Better!

  2. For someone who was a serious bowler in the 70s, this was a bizarre match. Back then, Novak’s style would have been way too inconsistent to average more than 185, Pluhowsky’s dead-ball style (3 revs in the first 1/3 of lane, then the equipment grabs and ball becomes super-rev tank) would have carried 4 of those strikes, and Couch would have been a solid 190s bowler. But with today’s conditions and equipment, they would CRUSH the bowlers of the 70s.

  3. June 12-14. Search Proprietors Cup on facebook and google for more info. New entry fee ths year, $550, and already have 45 bowlers registered.

  4. I think its pretty safe to say, these people would all be good, if not great bowlers in any time period. Saying it would have been different in the past is pretty ignorant, if not disrespectful of the people who compete today.

  5. Their current techniques might not work well in the 70s, but that doesn’t take away from their actual skill. Anyone with as much talent and knowledge as these people would be able to adapt to whatever conditions are thrown at them. Saying Jason Couch’s rev rate might not work in the 70s may be true, but saying Couch, Pluhowski, and Novak wouldn’t be good is just ignorance.

  6. Wow, that was some ridiculous bowling. No one gave an inch in the face of all those strikes. I’m sure everyone knows someone, or even themselves, can throw up some big games. But for the money, under pressure basically from frame 1 through 10. That was awesome.

  7. how does anyone that loves the sport of bowling and watches bowling videos on youtube, dislike this video? Preposterous i tell yoy

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