2013 TAT Summer Classic Finals Presented by Storm Products

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True Amateur Tournaments present the Summer Classic Bowling Tournament. – The Orleans Hotel, Casino and Bowling Center hosted this week long event.

FINALS – 5 Champions from 5 different divisions compete for $20,000 for first, $10,000 for second, $7,500 for third, $6,000 for fourth, and $5,000 for fifth place.

Steve Kloempken, Mike Flanagan, Matt Turek, & Louie Wemett bring you the action.

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5 Comments on “2013 TAT Summer Classic Finals Presented by Storm Products”

  1. Something I don’t understand; Dave Guindon, who averages in the 230’s gets to bowl scratch against other bowlers averaging as low as 170? Where is the competitiveness of that? Doesn’t seem fair. Also, Guindon looks familiar; is he a former pro?

  2. P Cruz I agree with you 100%. Yes he was a Pro as well anyone whom maintains 225 or higher in Sport or two different leagues is considered a Pro. There are a lot of issues with the so called “True Amateur” bowlers. I bowl in 2 men’s 2 mixed handicapped leagues in a small town of 12,000 in OH. There are no less than 10 who bowl on a 16 lane house. USBC really needs to clean their act up raising sanction fee’s & given us bowlers who keep them going. There should be honest amture tournaments in every state.

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