2018 Bradley Open | Championship Match

2018 Bradley Open Championship Match featuring EJ Tackett & Kurt Pilon | Best 2 out of 3 format.

Recorded LIVE from Ken Bowl in Louisville, Kentucky on Sunday January 14th, 2018.

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Scratch Bowling Tournament Presented by:

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Commentators: Mike Flanagan, & Tournament Director Jason Uchwal.

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29 Comments on “2018 Bradley Open | Championship Match”

  1. Been stuck home for over a week with the flu from hell!! Your coverage last week was so much fun to watch!! Gotta say I was initially pullin’ for Bob Learn, Jr. too. Kurt and EJ had an amazing match. BTW, Adam Levine must be disappointed with his bowling… He was on Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night. Not only did he not even mention his bowling in KY, but he also bleached his hair (to forget about it, I can only assume). Great job as usual!

    1. Dana, thanks for all the participation last weekend. That flu bug has caught everyone. Next time Adam bowls our event, we will be sure to find out what his thoughts are. LOL.

  2. Enjoyed the match. Two greats from different eras. I liked it when they referenced the crowd as being big. Then they said what “30 or 40 people”.

  3. is not espn and is not major tournament of PBA so i guess its ok but still try to dress nice,show some style.

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