2018 Bradley Open | Round of 8

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2018 Bradley Open Round of 8 featuring:

🎳 EJ Tackett Vs. Jeff Fehr
🎳 Matt Gasn Vs. Dan Higgins
🎳 Kurt Pilon Vs. Mike Fagan
🎳 Bob Learn Jr. Vs. Jeff Evans

Best 2 out of 3 format.

Recorded LIVE from Ken Bowl in Louisville, Kentucky on Sunday January 14th, 2018.

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Scratch Bowling Tournament Presented by:

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Commentator: Mike Flanagan

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8 Comments on “2018 Bradley Open | Round of 8”

  1. I don’t know what pattern this is, but it has got to be the most stupid I have ever seen. This pattern is basically taking every bowler back to the beginning when they threw a plastic ball down the center of the lane hoping to score 100. What is the point of this pattern. If the intention is to make these bowlers pretend they are non-bowling amateurs, why not just make a wall pattern and tell them they can only use a coreless plastic ball from now on. No more reactive balls.

    1. The idea of this long oil pattern is to emphasize good shot making and ball control instead of just fling it out to the right and watching it hook back like shorter drier patterns. For me a long oil pattern with next to no friction on the back end is very difficult to score on.

    2. Hence the mention of even oil from front to back (all 60 feet), and board to board (left to right), and throw only a plastic ball. This produces the same effect. Even the pattern they use for the Master’s has a little back end, and that is considered one of the toughest patterns to score on. This pattern on this telecast/tournament makes the Masters pattern look like a cakewalk.

  2. Holy crap this dual screen is a no go.Need to straighten out the frame so you can see the full approach and not get that crazy acid warp effect. Hurts the brain.. Nice to see FAGAN tho!!!!!

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