2020 Nightmare Doubles | Round Robin Match Play

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🚨 2020 Nightmare Doubles Bowling Tournament
⭐️ 2020 Nightmare Doubles | Round Robin Match Play
β€’ LIVE from Hijinx Family Entertainment Center on Sunday October 25th, 2020 in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

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🎳 Top 8 teams bowl 8 games of round robin match play to determine winner.


β€’ Brunswick
β€’ Bowl 101
β€’ Brooks Agency Insurance

Mike Flanagan & Matt Farber bring you the action.

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9 Comments on “2020 Nightmare Doubles | Round Robin Match Play”

  1. Mike Flanagan and Matt Farber how are you two not on Fox Sports 1 doing all the PBA shows???? So much better than Randy Pedersen and whomever they partner with him. SMH Any how great job fellas! Stay safe.

    1. Yeah, I’ve seen this at SO MANY tournaments. Just people that don’t give a crap about themselves or other people.

  2. Sherman is just like me try to hard and leaves single pins he is a rhythm bowler when all is going well a rhythm bowler will outscore other styles but in a grind or when u need one in 10th sometimes we struggle within our process maybe think to much take to long at line something minute

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