2021 Southland Bowling League Championship | Championship Match

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➡️ 2021 Southland Bowling League Championship | Championship Match
✅ Colonial Bowling Lanes | Harahan, Louisiana

🎳 NCAA Women's Collegiate Bowling | Championship Match
► Arkansas State
► Louisiana Tech
► Vanderbilt
► Youngstown State
► Sam Houston
► Tulane
► Stephen F. Austin
► Valparaiso

For more information about the Southland Bowling League visit: Southland.org

Produced and live-streamed by InsideBowling.com. Mike Flanagan brings you the action.

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3 Comments on “2021 Southland Bowling League Championship | Championship Match”

  1. Got the chance to bowl on a fresh lane that wasn’t used for the tournament but had the sport shot on it and watching these girls bowl shows how insane they actually are. That shot is tough. Very flat, 8th board was the only target working for me, anything wide of target was gone. And they’re hitting that spot like it was a cake walk. Good stuff from all of them. Sucks Tulane got eliminated though 😅

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