3 Tips for Hooking a Bowling Ball (MUST KNOW!)

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Hooking a bowling ball is a skill that every bowlers strives to achieve and perfect. However, there are many factors that go into hooking a ball such as the oil pattern, type of bowling ball, revolutions, speed, axis rotation, axis tilt, topography, and so on..In this video, we break down 3 major tips that are a must know when trying to get your bowling ball to hook.

1) The Bowling Ball – There are 3 main types of bowling balls on the market today: plastic, urethane, and reactive. In todays game, reactive resin covers are by far the strongest out of the three thus giving the most hook potential. Urethane cover stocks today are getting stronger as well and are becoming more prevalent in the modern game.

2) Finding the Friction – There is always a " lane pattern " applied to a lane which is how the oil is dispersed onto the lane itself. These patterns typically have more oil in the middle part of the lane than the outside. Because of the lesser amount of oil on the outside part of the lane, this part of the lane will provide your ball with more hook when rolled over.

3) Creating Revolutions – Creating revolutions on a bowling ball and making the ball "spin" provides hook potential. One could throw the strongest bowling ball down the lane but if zero revolutions were applied, the bowling ball will go dead straight. Even though it is one of the hardest variables to change, creating revolutions is still extremely important when trying to hook a bowling ball.

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34 Comments on “3 Tips for Hooking a Bowling Ball (MUST KNOW!)”

  1. Again amazing Tutorial, please keep it up. I love rewatching them at the lane and practice along. Thanks to both of you!

  2. Please go into detail or make a separate video revolving the hand positions; maybe some up close slow mo or point of view shots!

  3. “Beautiful” and “Detroit” are two words I never thought I would ever hear in one sentence.

    1. There’s nothing nice about Detroit, I’ve lived here for 20+ years. It’s all a shitshow in one form or another. Metro Detroit though, Rochester, Washington, Grosse Point and Oakland twp are beautiful and wealthy though.

  4. Hey Brad we just met in Houston this past weekend. I appreciate the conversation we had and the advice you gave. Congratulations to Kyle on your PBA win at Copperfield!!! Hard fought game, what a comeback!!!!

    1. Anthony Thomas after I tried spinning the ball a few times, I decided to tell my grandmother about the oil and a spinning ball.

      she became godlike and finished the whole family

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  5. I recently viewed this video and I realized I wasn’t getting under the ball as much as I could. I corrected this and my first two games were a 257 and a 279. All of a sudden I was getting a lot of revolutions on the ball and could increase my ball speed. The end result was a more powerful shot. Thanks Brad and Kyle!!

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