15 Comments on “5 Of The Same Bowling Ball | 5 Different Layouts | 5 Different Reactions?”

  1. I drill my own stuff and I definitely agree with what you’re saying about not much difference in ball layout, especially if you struggle with repeat shots. What I’ve really learned is that ball design/intent is the biggest factor (and sanding pads). 🙂👍

  2. Nice effort. Would have been more scientific if there was no editing, and the athlete didn’t know which ball he was throwing. So what is the conclusion? That for the average bowler, layouts would only matter if he has 2+ of the same ball and drills them VERY differently?

  3. If you’d sell any of the used balls I’d love to get back into bowling with some of the new tech

  4. Great video, sir! Sometimes that tiny difference can help one carry, but there’s so many other factors. Surface is key! #trucut

  5. Nice info about pin placement. I would like to know more about pin distance and top weight and pin placement together.

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