7-10 Split Trick Shot & 8-10 Split Conversions by Pros Liz Johnson & Chris Barnes

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Arguably two of the hardest splits in bowling to convert are the 8-10 and 7-10 splits. Watch as PBA Star Chris Barnes takes down the 8-10 and US Open Champion Liz Johnson picks the 7-10 while going around the 2 pin.

These events took place less than a minute apart at the 2013 Luci Bonneau Mixed Doubles Tournament at Palace Lanes in Houston, Texas.

Mike Flanagan brings you the action.

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28 Comments on “7-10 Split Trick Shot & 8-10 Split Conversions by Pros Liz Johnson & Chris Barnes”

  1. the 2 7 10 actually is pretty easy. convert the baby split on the left all ya gotta do is throw the 2 into the 10

  2. I have had a friend who made just the 7-10 shooting at of a full rack with one shot, one ball. That is the real trick shot of them all. There is no video footage of it unfortunately.

    1. No video for me either but one time took out only the 7,8,9, and 10 pin from the back row and left the rest. Looked weird

    2. @Ross M You want to see something weird, check out 5-pin in Canada. It just looks there was a budget shortage on pins. Or quille another French game with 10 piins, however they have rubber centers and tend to be on strings like a puppet

    1. @Grady Philpott might’ve been both cuz you can clearly see a pin getting pushed down the gutter.

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