A Conversation With… EJ Tackett & Anthony Simonsen | Layoff • Fabuloso • Radical Video | Ep.2

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This is a 4 part mini series on topical conversations in and around the sport of bowling. This will give you an indepth look at the thought process and mentality of Professional Bowlers, League Bowlers, and people that work in the sport of Bowling.

This is part 2 of 4

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19 Comments on “A Conversation With… EJ Tackett & Anthony Simonsen | Layoff • Fabuloso • Radical Video | Ep.2”

  1. Who are the other 3 guys designing bowling balls? I know Victor Marion does, so that leaves two.

  2. Great video!! Always impressed with the openness and candid conversation. Growing Bowling is the true answer.

  3. I’ve been enjoying these conversations. Always interesting to get other people’s perspective on the sport of bowling and what’s going on in it

    1. Was wondering the same thing when I hear them both say that. It’s been drilled into my head to clean a ball as soon as possible after finishing a game and the these 2 both say we don’t use ball cleaner lol confused me

    2. yes they have that opportunity as PBA members. they also stash cases of balls that they like.

    3. More likely so when they are team sponsored. Probably get them for free and can always get a new one.

  4. I’m really loving these videos, we need more podcasts that feature people in different parts of the bowling industry like this.

  5. Ron Please keep this going. This gives great insight deep into the world of bowling. Forget MINI series this needs to be ongoing. Maybe once a month?

  6. Glad Dustin had that view on the radical video. I thought the same thing when I saw it. The balls are not the same so they won’t react the same. Bowling is all about adjusting to get the result you desire. Not just wanting to have the same outcome everytime.

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