A Conversation With… Kyle Troup | ESPY • Tesla • Journey | Ep.2

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This is a 4 part mini series on topical conversations in and around the sport of bowling. This will give you an in depth look at the thought process and mentality of Professional Bowlers, League Bowlers, and people that work in the sport of Bowling.

This is part 2 of 4

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11 Comments on “A Conversation With… Kyle Troup | ESPY • Tesla • Journey | Ep.2”

  1. Ron talking that smack at the end to the best bowler on the planet.
    That’s a bold strategy Cotton. Let’s see how it works out.

  2. GM has had car designs in their concept car division for decades that are even more efficient than Tesla. The real question is why they haven’t released a single one of them.

  3. Fyi the epa has such tight restrictions on co and hydrocarbon emissions, gasoline vehicles hardly pollute today.

    Thr battery in the tesla is worse for the environment than the average gas engine today. I dont have anything against electric cars and believe they are the future but they arent cleaner or better for the environment than the other options today. 99% of vehicles have 0% CO 0% HC and 0% NOx

  4. Love these videos! I’m a staffer and would love to work for your company! I found CTD while my son was bowling Jr gold this year. He recently submitted his application for Jr staffer as well. I truly believe this company is going to continue to do great things for bowling!!

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