A Conversation With… Kyle Troup | Money • PBA • Growth | Ep.1

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This is a 4 part mini series on topical conversations in and around the sport of bowling. This will give you an in depth look at the thought process and mentality of Professional Bowlers, League Bowlers, and people that work in the sport of Bowling.

This is part 1 of 4

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6 Comments on “A Conversation With… Kyle Troup | Money • PBA • Growth | Ep.1”

  1. Want to grow the sport of Bowling? Advertise 1000000x more on Tik Tok and relevant forms of social media.
    Nobody under the age of 25 uses Facebook anymore. Yet Facebook is one of the only platforms I’ll see Pro bowlers
    and the PBA advertising for their upcoming events etc. In order to pull more kids into the sport you have to get with
    the times! There should also be at least a couple pairs of bowling lanes installed in Highschools across the country!

  2. Ron , I’m sure your dad knows someone who makes a homemade pickle. Not a processed one. Jalapeño ones are great if done correctly 😂😅

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