14 Comments on “A Drill that Can Fix Your Bowling Game!”

    1. That’s a conundrum but I’d say hit ur mark and here’s why.. with the 1step the ball speed will b down but the revs will b there so the normal line u take will put u on the Brooklyn side but the drill is not to strike n score high it’s a backswing and release drill

  1. Thanks for the tips, Shannon. For the past month or so, I have had more games under my average. For most of the fall/winter league, I was bowling over my average or around my average consistently, but I feel like my game has gone downhill and I don’t know how to get my scores back up. I’ll see if I can get a practice session in soon and practice the one step drill as many times as I need to.

    1. Hi make sure you wait till.the ball gets to the top of the swing before you move anything once it get to the top one step forward and stick the landing.any questions feel free to ask

  2. Frankly Shannon I would rather watch the LPBA than the men’s tour. Need to get you guys on TV more often.

  3. I really appreciate these videos. I stopped bowling for 20 years then decided to get back into bowling leagues in the last few years where I improved my average 30 points thanks to videos like these!

  4. Always to willing to learn more even at my age 67 I’m going to try next practice session. I’m finally bowling more big numbers now than I was young. Thanks for advice!!!

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