A Drill to Improve Balance

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19 Comments on “A Drill to Improve Balance”

  1. I notice that my slide foot does face my target, but when I record myself I don’t get down in the shot. I’m almost standing straight up. Maybe I have always done this and just now realizing it? I don’t know. Maybe because this is my first league since 2001? I’m carrying 197 on Mondays and 195 on Thursday league so I guess I’m doing something right.

  2. I always teach my students to post till the ball leaves the pin deck, this is so important, the better balance the quicker your eyes will pick up the ball, following it through the pin deck allows you to better watch the pin action to understand why you may have left the 10, 8, 9, 7’a ect… another great tip by you sir

  3. Whenever I’m really balanced my ball ends up hooking too much everytime. Pretty sure me being balanced makes my ball speed a slight bit slower.

    1. Could be because you are getting the ball onto the lane sooner when you are balanced. The ball then is in contact with the lane longer which causes more overall hook. Basically being balanced causes a cleaner release which makes it hook more.

  4. Balance is something I’m really struggling with in my game currently. This video couldn’t have come at a better time

  5. My balance as dreadful. I was always falling off the shot. It was so bad, it was actually hurting my right leg. (I’m a lefty).

    Mike Jasnau was giving lessons a couple of months back, so I signed up for one. My issue all stemmed from my first step & pushaway. With my 4 step approach, I first step was very short, and I didn’t even push the ball away from me until the second step. This was throwing my timing all out of whack. He got me to practice with an earlier pushaway (and more downward), and increase the length of my first step. Not only did this fix about 90% of my falling off (the other 10% was exactly what you described here), but it increased the height of my backswing.

    Keep up the great work, JR. You’re not just improving your game, but us that watch these videos.

  6. Balance is one thing I have done naturally, but your comment about aiming your foot at the target might help a little more with improving my aim. That tends to be my biggest issue is hitting my aim point.

  7. this tip is really helpful since on my shots if I post up to quick my ball will not hook and just roll out but if I slide in and keep my knees bent the whole way I have a really good ball motion that hooks a lot

  8. Good balance and follow through and posting the shot. Been working on that all season. Loosing the fast feet and going to a 4 step approach helped a lot also. Thanks for all the tips. As my buddy Jack says.. it’s a hard game.

  9. I see a lot of people get all over the place at the line just because they’re trying to throw the ball too hard instead of using gravity to swing the ball and hitting it during the flat spot in their swing.

  10. What I see most with my students is they’re trying to generate too much speed with their feet. This causes the slide foot to point to the lane to the right. When I get them to slow their feet a bit, a more consistent, steady pace, they end up with a better slide position and a more solid finish. It takes work and practice. Thanks for this one, JR!

  11. Being extremely flat footed, balance is something I’ve struggled with since I’ve been bowling. Pointing my foot straight is actually almost physically impossible for me because of my sunken arches. My feet naturally point outwards a bit when I walk, so I have to REALLY focus on my arm swing, keeping a nice fluid motion and not try to throw as hard as I can. Orthotics only go so far and I’ve been starting to develop knee pain as well. So to SOMEWHAT counteract all of this, I’ve started wearing flexible sport knee braces, I’ve slowed my ball speed down from 17-18mph, to around 15-16mph, and I’m learning timing from a five step approach now down to a four. I’ve noticed a big difference with consistency with my mark, especially going for my ten pins. Outside of extensive reconstruction surgery, there really isn’t anything I can do, BUT these tips definitely are helping me improvise ways that work for my game.

  12. whats crazy is i always thought by turning my slide food to the right i was doing something wrong, i finally decided to keep doing it wrong and now i see your saying thats the right thing to do lol i feel like i am getting smarter in this game some how. thanks for your informative content.

  13. When I am balanced, my rev rate goes up. I have had a really terrible time trying to post shots in the past, but it was a timing thing for me. In order for me to post my shot, my slide foot needs to completely stop before the ball gets to the bottom of the swing. This was incredibly hard for me to adjust to doing. Now, my rev rate is higher, ball speed more controlled, and shot repetition up.

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