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This was part of a seminar presentation used to show performance differences when the only difference is the layout used to produce differences. The Cover, Core Shape, Color and Surface were the same. Total hook in boards is the metric used.

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24 Comments on “Asymmetrical vs Symmetrical layouts on the same bowling ball showing performance difference”

  1. My asymmetrical quits on me on the back end can’t throw it at my house I just use a stronger symmetrical ball I don’t think asymmetrical balls are for everybody my opinion they are two Dynamic of a core and you have to have the perfect conditions to throw them I find that my asymmetrical in my house stands up on me early and loses energy on the back end

  2. If you think about it, once an undrilled symmetrical ball gets drilled, then it becomes an asymmetrical ball because the weight block/core is a different shape and not the same shape all around like it was before.

    1. Normally that is the case, but not always and not in this case. Which is why we chose this video to show after drilling numbers. This ball can be symmetrical after drilling.

    2. Ronald Hickland Jr yes sir you are right Mr. Expert, I didn’t think about the fact of course that you do have different cores/weight blocks which does make the difference and come into play 👍💯

  3. Love both style balls they both have there place in the bag. Problem with asymmetric is that when its starts to dry up you have to feed alot of energy into them so they won’t burn up mid lane sometimes even get through the breakpoint. Asymmetric is really useful on heavy oil I tend to go symmetrical when it starts to dry up too. Really you can use any one of these balls asymmetric is just a much stronger ball.

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