BALL SPEED – how to know you are throwing it too hard

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Having too high of ball speed is a common thing. Check out this drill that we use to keep it in check.

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22 Comments on “BALL SPEED – how to know you are throwing it too hard”

  1. Good information for sure and I always enjoy the videos from you guys. I like it a little bit better when you guys also give a quick physical demonstration. I also use that same procedure of slowing down the shot when working with some of my students. It works very well but a few of them don’t understand at first that they have to slow down the entire approach. If they do the approach at full speed and then try to throw the ball slowly the inertia of the swing can’t be stopped and then they’re using their muscles to try to counter that energy. Can be a bit counterproductive. Thanks guys, keep having fun with it!

    1. yeah, I’ve noticed that on a few of their videos. waiting for the demo,( since they’re right in front of the lanes), then it never happens. all that effort into this video and No Demo!

  2. Like George Castanza from Sienfield. Do the complete opposite of what ever my instinct is lol. Great video

  3. How to know if you’re throwing the ball too hard, in 1 easy step!
    1. Try to throw it slow.
    1.a. If it’s difficult, you’re throwing it too hard.

  4. Gotta admit… at first glance, your thumbnail made me think you were going to demonstrate how to throw it like PBA’s original King of the Hill Ron Williams. 🙂

  5. Great channel, guys!

    I only average 9.5 – 10.5 MPH with my “normal” approach. I think something is majorly wrong with my game, especially considering I’m 6-feet tall, 200 pounds (former ice hockey player)! :/ LOL

  6. Great video guys. I have been struggling recently and started talking to a teammate about this. Really helps to hear your approach and have a simple drill to feel the difference.

  7. What do you suggest for getting ball speed up. No matter what I do I cant seem throw a first ball harder than 14 mph.

  8. I always wondered why my break point down the lane wasn’t there and this video reminded me that a lower ball swing would generally create a earlier/shorter skid,hook,roll

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