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  1. Yup, I guess I should add some of this to my game. Iโ€™m always doing a slow 4-step on everything strike attempt!

  2. Hey guys I gotta problem and don’t know how to fix it. My track is so high that the ball is rolling over the thumb hole almost every shot, what should I do different

  3. Hey Brad & Kyle, please answer this question!!!

    How do you like bowling shoes with plain shoe laces, vs BOA ratchet systems?
    Discuss pros & cons???

    1. I just bought a pair of Brunswick Fury shoes with their ATOP system. (seems like a K-mart version of BOA systems! NOTE: I love the BOA systems that are on my Motorcycle gear. Knox armour gloves, some other boots from TCX, etc)
      So i figured, cool these BOA systems are branching out onto other sports and clothing lines! Great!

      Bowling shoes? Great idea…. or so I thought!

      I cannot get the system to tighten up enuff compared to my older shoes with good ol’ shoe laces you tie like the last 500 years!!!

    2. @Scorpion-Ninja I have the same shoes that Brad is wearing in this video with the dial on the back of the heel and seem to have the same issue. The actual rubber grips seem to be slipping around the plastic and making it hard to actually tighten. I believe I’ll find myself going back to regular laces very soon.

  4. Pushing away the ball 2nd step. Is that when your 2nd step starts to move, when the 2nd step lands or somewhere in between.

  5. Hello Brad and Kyle and the community. I have a question (not pertaining to the video) but im hoping you can answer and help me understand regardless.

    Long story short, i used to bowl a lot around 8-10 years ago and i recently got back into bowling a few months ago. So, when i got back into it, i had my local pro shop check my PAP which was 4 3/8 right and 1 5/8 up. After a lot of practice and watching a bunch of videos from all bowling channels, i fell i am throwing the ball a lot better, so i had my pro sho check my PAP again since my game has changed. My PAP is now 5 1/5 right and just 5/8 up. I know its hard to tell without videos or anything, but any guesses on what i may be doing differently now that i was before? I have really been focusing on keeping my elbow tucked and trying to get behind the ball as much as possible. Im just curious if you have any thought on what may have changed or any insight on why someones PAP might change by over an inch each way.

    1. A change in pap is a change in tilt not rotation, so it could be hand placement at release ( how much you are getting around the ball)

  6. Can you do a โ€œhow-toโ€ video on sliding? I plant, but want to slideโ€ฆmy brain wonโ€™t let me go โ€œtoes inโ€

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