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  1. #TeamSpare – I’m proud of my spare shooting as its bailed me out more times than I could ever count. I will always be #TeamSpare and kids… MAKE YOUR SPARES!

    I’m a cross lane spare shooter. No matter what spare it is, I shoot them across lane. I never hook at my spares. I always throw straight at them unless its a specific type of spare like a 2-8, etc… I throw reactive at my spares and flatten out my wrist.

    1. Your style is what I have learned to do. It’s made me a better spare shooter and raised my average.

  2. You guys should do a show about how you adjust hand positions to adjust axis rotation, tilt and revolutions.

    1. I don’t adjust axis rotation. I believe you should have a modest predictable amount. Anything more than that is writing a prescription for 10 pins and loss of accuracy.

  3. Brad’s smile in the opening of the video gives the impression he’s ready to tear in to a 32 ounce prime rib! Guess that proves how hungry he is to pick up his spares! Thank You for the great content gentlemen!

  4. With the St. Louis arch in the background, I assume this is done in St Louis.. is that the best place to bowl in Missouri? I live in central Missouri and the options for bowling alleys is very limited. The place I normally bowl is super hit or miss if they bother to oil the lanes even on league nights. Hoping the USBC sanctioned leagues in the fall are more properly oiled.

  5. Spares are like free throws. You probably won’t win by just hitting them, but you will surely lose by missing them

  6. I can straight shot the right side all day. I am still struggling to do it on the left side of the lane. On the right side i can look at the target pin and hit the target pin. on the left if i look at the target pin, the ball goes left of the target pin about 2 feet. should I be opening my shoulders to the target if on the left side???? I’m stumped lol. I tried looking 2 feet to the right of the target, but most of the time, there is noting but curtain to see.

  7. I wish you’d have mentioned where you are standing and looking for that 7 pin shot. I personally think the 7 is much harder to pick consistently than the 10 for a right hander when the lanes aren’t super easy, since going that far cross lane just feels unnatural to close down your shoulder and hips that much. I prefer going “up the left side” but I keep messing with my start position and target trying to get more consistent.

    1. They dont mention it so you can go try to find your own spot to throw your own ball your own way… I like thier arrows video really opened up the lane for me

  8. Great shorting Tex. I take at least one 10 and 7 pin practice shot on each lane during league warmup. Was taught that back in Jr bowling.

  9. Kyle did prompt Brad to talk about his aiming process for spares, which would have been nice to hear, especially for mid-lane pins and combos. Do you pick an arrow for your eyes and move your feet around that spot, for instance?

    1. Shannon O’Keefe has a very simple and comprehensive spare shooting video. You might check it out.

  10. I’m the anchor bowler on my Tuesday league, and I’ve had 3 separate instances where I got to the 10th frame in the last week, needing a mark for my team to win, and left a 10-pin. Thankfully I’m 3 for 3 on picking them up.

  11. Lmao “we aren’t 100% on any spare.” That’s why I’m 50 / 50 shooting a ten pin 😂😂💀

  12. My thinking on spares is that if you only play on typical house patterns you should shoot straight, cross alley at the 6, 10, 4, & 7 pins, you can get away with hooking at everything else. If you enter tournaments that use sport or PBA patterns learn to shoot straight at everything and do so no matter what pattern you’re playing on.

  13. Thanks for the video it was really interesting. I had problems all year long missing spares. You said the key word PRACTICE!!! Hopefully the video will help me.

  14. I’m a straight bowler. I bowl league every Tuesday night here in Australia…Via ZoneBowling. My ball is a DV* 12lb ball…and the sticker thinger is above the two finger holes. Sometimes when I bowl straight but after I release, the ball does its own thing.

  15. I’ve gotten myself to 80% or so on 7 pins and just that continued improvement is gonna push me single-handedly to my goal of averaging 200 on sport. Just gotta practice em. 50 seven pins every time I go out, then I work on feel and timing, whatever it is. Then I go back to 10 more 7s to see if I can make em when I’m tired. They are much harder then tbh

  16. On your first shot: Throw just enough hook so you get the 10 pin, but keep the shot straight enough that if you miss you leave the 10 pin or a single pin spare. That is success. If you leave more than one pin or hit high and leave the 4 pin, that is failure. Massive hook and entry angle often flirts with second shot danger.

    On your second shot: Never miss a non-split pickup, especially since you followed the above rule and only have to deal with single pin leaves.

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