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7 Comments on “Before Flying to a Bowling Event, Watch This”

  1. First time I went to nationals in Vegas (2017) I did carry one bowling ball onto the plane. It got pulled for extra screening, and it was cool to see it on the X-ray machine, but I was allowed to proceed.

    1. Since then my bag situation has changed and I just check 2 triple totes with all my balls that are coming with me

  2. I always wondered about traveling with bowling balls on the plane. Is there any special way to maybe protect your bowling balls?

  3. If you are going to a bowling event, might want to get some 2 ball totes and ask a pro shop if they have ball boxes (when they receive new orders of bowling balls) and ship those via Fedex/UPS to your destination.

  4. I do have to disagree with him on the bowling ball on the plane. I don’t know anywhere else but I have from Oakland to las vegas and los angeles with the ball on the plane. Going through tsa most of them know what they are but I have been asked what is it and tell them a bowling ball after they do the xray and its fine

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