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46 Comments on “Before You Throw Away Your Old Bowling Ball Watch This.”

  1. @RonaldHickland how much of the performance improvement was due to “The Clear”, and how much was from re-finishing the ball to 2000 grit?

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr: You didn’t address the fact that the surface preparation on the ball before and after ARE DIFFERENT. You should probably use the product on a “house ball” that already has a dull (1500-2000 grit matte) finish BEFORE, as well as after.

  2. Yeah 150$ is too steep just to rejuvenate an old ball. I’d rather spend the little extra and get a brand new one.

    1. Baking soda & water. Make it into a thick paste. Put it into a dry rag. Sand in circular motions by hand like he did. Rinse with vinegar. Get a spray can of clear coat lacquer for $6 at AutoZone. Let dry hand buff after completely dry. The rest will be up to you. So for like $8 you can restore your ball

    2. @Draco’X yeah that dude sounds like a doofus. Wtf does the man’s average have to do with anything? It’s not like anyone is willing to tell the truth about their stats anyways 🤣

  3. “Phazing looks alot better”. Realizes it looks the exact same and turns ball over. Yeah okay makes sense

  4. I think it’s a cool thing to know….especially the science part. Seeing there was an hour in between shots….it looks like the 2nd shot had more loft and rotation on it. Would love to see it in our shop. We have some of your products. And I support you %100 Ron.

    1. Carleton Chambers yes he put more finger action in it to spin more. Hence more hook. I’m not even gonna say he slowed it down too. lol

  5. Lol so he did all that cleaning and the ball and pins just stayed there for him the whole time. The second time he threw it just clearly had more rev

    1. Ive been using dish soap and water for about 30 years, and have only used 4 balls in that time frame. Im not saying what you are doing is the only way, im saying this was is cheaper and works just as well.

    2. Did the same with the hot water and soap for a couple of season then got lazy and didnt soak it.i could tell the ball wasnt reacting like it had previously when soaked. Oil patten was basically the same.

    1. Ronald Hickland Jr ,I need to ask you on that clear stuff? When I put my ball in the ball oven(I do this about ever 50 games on a ball) I usually use that purple stuff to clean all the oil off, then shine it or sand it then add a little shine(which I’m buying the wax from you) so myQ is after ball oven use purple stuff or clear?

  6. Things have changed so much over the years… My era was JP LT48 or the red Columbia 300….Yeah, I know, I’m old…thanks for the video..

  7. The first ball looks like it may have crossed and could have hung a little on crossing back into the oil at the 5 board which makes the initial throw a touch sketch. If the video gets remade I’d like to see a handful of throws on the before and after.

  8. Another way to clean your ball is heat it up outside (if it’s hot) or you can bake it in the oven. This makes the oil in the ball come out and you can get more hook from your ball. Hope this helped!

    1. Great now my wife is pissed at me, the Thanksgiving butter ball Turkey came out tasting like the gutter ball Turkey instead.

    2. I bowl in the winter-time generally, and setting the ball on the heater vent at home will cause the ball to sweat out the oil. then i spray it with ball cleaner and wipe it off. After a day or two of that, it’s good to go!

    1. @Seth Parrow He was born in Rome so its his nick name. His name is Tim “Hey it’s that guy who was born in Rome and always loses his bowling balls” Ray that was too long to put on his bowling ball so we just call him Rome 🙂

  9. hey i know this vidoe is old but if you took my suggesten that would be great! im new to bowling so i was wondering if you could do a video on how to get better on splits

  10. Informative. Thank you. It’s been years since I’ve competed. Maybe I’ll give mine new life and get out there.

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