21 Comments on “Beginner Bowling Tips for Lofting a Bowling Ball”

  1. I bowl at stcharles lanes all of the time but i never seem to see y’all there, i bowl track aswell ive been looking for a new ball

  2. Random question from something I noticed in the thumbnail. Do a lot of people switch the H5 to their push foot and the H2 to their slide foot? Is the idea to be able to go up in numbers on the slide sole and use the extra brake to even out?

  3. Can you please do a part 2, on how to loft with a shorter approach to account for the ball return being in the way?

    1. In that case you have to decrease your approach, if you have 5 step approach, switch to 4 step approach, 4 step switch to 3 step approach. Normally if you resort to lofting, you must decrease the ball speed, to give the ball more time to read the lane and hook at your desired target, not go straight to the gutter.

  4. Definitely a skill! One of my biggest things is form and muscle memory which changes like you said from normal to lofting. I naturally start further left so for myself it got easier with practice. But a very valuable skill to know

  5. You guys know your stuff. I have trouble lofting because I’m not very athletic. My dad is always telling me β€œget the ball out on the lane” in league on Sunday nights.

  6. Guys, please throw more shots. Talking theory is great, but seeing it done is why we have videos. One shot in a 12-minute video is not enough.

  7. Lofting is my natural release. I’ve tried different exercises to release low like you guys do normally and so far I have not been able to get there on an actual lane. Maybe it doesn’t matter in the end (I do fine regardless).

  8. Happy to see Kyle getting back to shape and feeling better. Good luck to you both and I wish you both more titles God speed

  9. I can completely relate Kyle. I loved lofting and moving left when it was time and I learned everything in college and how far I would be moving in tournaments (as far as board 50+) and hooking it. It was a sight to see for me and others seeing how the heck I could do that

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