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23 Comments on “Best Adjustments For Optimal Pin Carry. Get Lined Up Like The Pros.”

  1. Nice video thanks! Remember to sand the ball not on the ball return, but on the specified area by your league/tournament.

  2. Nice tips Shannon! If only the lanes in California were open so I could practice these great tips.

    1. Hi Tony! This is probably one of the most difficult things to figure out within the sport. There are some things you can use as clues to try and figure this out, yet the only real way to get better at this is to gain experience on the lanes and go through it more often. Some things to keep in mind when trying to figure this out is to think about what kind of pattern you’re bowling on and the characteristics of the pattern, the type of bowling ball you are throwing, the part of the lane you are playing, the lane surface you are bowling on, what number game it is (if it is on the fresh vs. the burn), etc. These are all some things you should consider when trying to figure out if you’re ball isn’t starting soon enough vs. if it’s starting too soon. Thanks for watching, hope this helps!

    1. Right now, we do not have any videos specifically for full rollers. We will keep this in mind when shooting future videos! Thanks for the feedback and thanks for watching!

  3. When you change axis rotation do you make the change at the setup or at the release? I’ve heard both ways. My coach tells me to make the change in the setup and follow through the same way at release.

    1. This really just depends on what feels right for you! Like you said, some people do it at the start while some only do it at the finish. What’s important is to find what works best for you and gives you the best opportunity to execute your shot!

    2. Either is possible but my view is that if you don’t change your hand position, there is less mental reinforcement as to what you are trying to achieve. For example, in the above video she mentions making an adjustment where she wants less side rotation so she wants her hand to come up the back of the ball more. If I were teaching this to a player, I would suggest making just a very minor/subtle hand position change at set up, as a last reminder as to what we are trying to do. Perhaps keeping your hand directly beneath the ball and if that is already the case, add just a tiny bend at the wrist or “cupping” the ball.

  4. For my league tournaments they don’t tell us what the oil pattern is so what should I do and they also once we start bowling don’t allow us to use sanding pads or anything like that?

    1. Make sure you are always basing your adjustments off of what the lanes are doing, not necessarily what the pattern is. So if you see your ball going light or high a lot, you should make the proper adjustments mentioned in this video for that! Hope this video helps!

  5. This kinda my problem……she gave a bunch of solutions I’m familiar with……move left, move right, add speed, take off speed , ball surface change , change balls

    Hence my problem…..which one is appropriate at which time?

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