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Putting your hand in a bowling ball is extremely personal because everyone has a different feel. One constant amongst players is the idea of keep a relaxed hand. This will allow you to stay more relaxed through the swing and help prevent using too much muscle.

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  1. That’s the same way norm duke taught in his tutorial videos, put the ball weight on the left hand for righty and the other way around 👍👍👍

  2. Hey Brad and Kyle, love your work! Any chance you guys could do a video on thumb pitches and layouts and what a differences occur?

  3. Thanks for explaining the different schools of thought, instead of saying “this is what you MUST do”.

  4. Good tips on a relaxed grip. Can help you keep a softer hand at the end of the release! The best bowling channel right here!

  5. Love your videos. It be amazing if you did a video with Tom Daugherty mainly because he is one of the few two fingered bowlers out there. I still watch other bowlers to get the technical stuff down pack

  6. Very true statement guys. Good video on pointing out that not everyone is the same. You guys are awesome, please keep up the positivity.

  7. Just got my Brad & Kyle T-shirt today. Absolutely love it. Definitely gonna use it while I’m bowling (hoping it helps 🤞😁) Everybody needs to check out their merch.🤙🤙🤙

  8. You you can’t tell me shitt about bowling now that I’ve seen you botch a 7 pin on the PBA tour lol I need a new coach

  9. One of my simple questions are what’s the best plastic ball to use for your spares you should do a video about that or you can simply respond I don’t care honestly I’m just giving you a recommendation

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