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Here is the truth behind Lane Shine. The hidden culprit responsible for bowling balls changing surface and losing performance. This is also what you can do about it.

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TruCut Hand Applied Polish is here.

Here is everything else you may need.

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35 Comments on “Bowl Better The Truth Behind Why Your Bowling Ball Changes | What You Can Do About It”

  1. Yes the BFP is awesome and thank you for the continuing education about bowling..Thinking of ordering the brunswick vapor zone solid, what are your thoughts about this ball.

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jragain thank you and I’m always waiting for new videos and products..Awesome job , great products..

  2. Lane shined is the best. I clean my balls but w/e surface they go to lane shined is where I keep them. Unless I’m bowling on a sport pattern.

    1. I have been using my same ball for like 2+yrs and the only decline in performance is the pin carry. It still has pin carry, just not like it was out of the box. I might have it baked/resurfaced/polished soon

    2. @OwOFurryUwU I use a box and a hair dryer (YouTube it) to remove oil. I roll a Rotogrip Theory with about 1000 games on it. I still get excellent ball reaction.

    1. Ok kinda figured that thanks, I bought the so fresh so clean, wow factor, and your sanding pads about a month ago or so and have really been enjoying your products keep up the good work man.

  3. I didn’t know there is all that stuff near the pinsetter including carpet. Is that something the alley mechanic added?

  4. Hi there i would like to ask what is the alternative cleaner for the WOW cleaner and because I bought a ball, and I used it for 8 games I am going to buy a 2000grit pad, but I don’t know which cleaner should I buy and I have the normal oil absorption towel should I buy smiler ones as the ones in the Video? I don’t live in the US so I can buy the stuff From CTD Sadly so can you help me please .. and thanks for your hard Work <3

  5. Hello there I just started trying to learn how to bowl and how to hook i bought a ball and i don’t know what else should i buy with it i need to know everything i should buy btw i don’t leave in America so i cant buy The Create the difference stuff :[ and thanks

    1. Hello I would suggest that you keep watching videos to start. You can also join our free regional staff. This will allow you to interact with other bowlers and coaches. It is designed to help you become better faster. Don’t worry so much about getting products. Getting proper education is the key to getting better first. Thank you for watching. Here is the link

  6. Hey Ron what’s up. Have a question , I have a ball spinner and I do my own maintenance on my equipment. I have CTD Tru cut pads I use. I polish much of my equipment. Would you recommend to sand my equipment after 3-5 games still?
    There are times when I use a ball and there is still polish on it and all I do is clean and repolish without sanding. Ball reaction is still the same.

    1. If the ball is polished and you are just touching it up. You don’t need to go through the whole process again. You can just use the polish, but yes 3 to 5 games is recommended as it just helps to keep it extremely consistent.

  7. Excellent, excellent demonstration. I would never have dreamed it was the pinsetter and ball return causing lane shine. Thanks for your great work, Ron.

  8. Just sanded my ball with 1500 tru cut pad , then the hand applied polish , what kinda reaction and grit should I expect now?

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