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31 Comments on “Bowl Like a Pro! Bowling’s Best Kept Secret. A Simple Tip to Improve Your Game.”

  1. Spent a good portion of my summer of practice last year working on this very aspect! You’re right, Coach Shady, it’s hard. What makes that funny is that it really is the easiest thing to do! Gravity will take care of getting the ball started. That, and a couple other things I was working on, brought my average up 10 pins this year. Not bad for being away from the game for 20 years!

  2. I’ve always find myself chasing my swing sort of speak… Great tip and content here, Thanks Coach Shady and Mike! #insidebowling

  3. Just started practicing this in basement , very different feel. Can’t wait till reopen and try full approach

  4. Come back PWBA , you get beauty and great bowling , just saying . The only bit i have trouble with is having a low backswing doing this , i can’t create a high backswing .

    1. Difference…
      On the 2nd “bad shot” Brock threw straight and flat at the 10 pin… In the magic shot he put a little wrist in it and got it to the 1-3 pocket..

      Basically what they teach as 24 inches of magic, I teach by telling my students to keep the ball in front of your shoulder, not your chest. That way you can drive through the ball on your follow through.

    2. Andrew, joe, rob…hi! Broc here. Hey thanks for watching the video first off!! 😀

      These 24 inches have helped me and many others compete at some of the highest levels all over the country with some of the most talented athletes in this sport.

      I set different hand positions to achieve different results on the lane. In this video I used the same hand position for all 3 clips.

      The shot where I was really constricted…all muscled up. It resulted in slower ball speed and a slight tug left because I was squeezing. Yeah, my hand got around it. When you add all those things up, especially squeezing, that will happen. Muscle-ing it like that will not allow you to be free and loose. And thats why the ball actually hooked like it did.

      The shot where it looked like i flat handed it, where I threw it faster, and the ball hit the 10 pin? I had the same hand position and tried to hit the same target. I was going so fast I missed right, had no idea where it was going, and because I was out of line in the 24 inch zone, my tilt, rotation, and rev rate were not right. I had no leverage, and no timing to get where I needed to be. Resulting in bad ball motion.

      It is a feel thing mostly. If you watch closely at my setup, I actually setup the same way in all 3 different shots. I never moved a board and tried to hit the same target in all 3 shots.

      The three different results you guys see is really what can happen if you get the 24 inches wrong!!!! Once you see it from this perspective i hope it helps you guys out some. Best wishes.


    3. I’m glad I’m not the only one!! I was thinking I was a knucklehead. No explanation of what “chasing” was because you can’t see it in this video. Also the guy at the end says “powerful” stuff. I get letting the ball do the work in the swing, but this video is no help. Watched a few times and saw nothing different.

    4. @Rob Premaza Thank you for explaining this. Everyone has heard the tip of keeping the ball in front of your shoulder, not your chest. Not sure why they didn’t say that. Plus so many things related to movement or sports need to be shown in person not on a video. It’s hard to see the fine details.

  5. I always let the ball carry my back swing an feet slow an consistent an my avg.went up with the storm Hyroad from 172 to 195

  6. I learned a lot from th best secret. Time to go bowling. I wish I knew more of the science of bowling in high school when I bowled.

  7. Hey, I definitely remember Mike Shady. We bowled a PBA Midwest Regional at Hawthorne Lanes in Quincy Illinois. I started out with 636. Mike had 836. I’ve always had a hitch in that part of my swing, and it showed. I could never get rid of it. Thanks for the tip. If I didn’t live on Maui, where there’s NO bowling center, I’ll practice that tip. Good stuff!

    1. Jim Pickering I have mad respect for Mike Shady, he knows my coach Palmer Fallgren but I didn’t like that person making a funny comment for the rest of us whom take this stuff seriously. His comment is right under mine being the first.

  8. I have kind of went to a 2 handed approach more like jespers in the past few years where he has his arm already down and takes the push away out of it but maybe i should try to go back to the push away more like belmo again and see how it feels any opinions on jespers approach

  9. I have changed from 5steps to 4 with the 24 rule’ it has helped me out so much, moved from a 165 to a 180 in the first 3 weeks of men’s league this year. Thank Coach Shady, do you think that 1 day you can talk about the V with the finger that you spread out on your ball and carry that before you snap your hand on release?

  10. I took an in person lesson from Mike about 10-15 years ago at age 60 after being out of bowling for 20+ years. My avg. went from 150s to 170s almost immediately. I’m now in my mid 70s bowling once a week with avg in 180s.

  11. Great tip! Basically, you’re saying “let gravity take care of the arm swing” and don’t muscle it.

    1. With that average you should just focus on picking up spares and getting consistent strike ball hits so you leave less splits. Then you’ll be a 200+ in very little time. Remember a game of all spares is around 200. Throw a few strikes in as well and you get 220+

  12. Please help us see the difference in the 3. I agree with several of the remarks as they all look the same. would you please slow it down and show us the difference. I have terrible timing issues as I am not consistent on the approach. Thanks for your videos …

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