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44 Comments on “Bowlers Are Athletes | 2020 PBA WSOB”

    1. Pete Stuffins, 90% sure thats a sister of Darren and Mikey because they’re staying at the Tang’s for WSOB

  1. ‘We are going to have to play this straighter, up the boards’

    Next frame: sliding into the left gutter cap

    1. I’ve noticed this. I’m not sure how difficult it would be, but it would be interesting to see how far along in the block they are in different shots. That would give a better “feel” for the transition and breakdown of the pattern.

    1. @Chris Haney ….if that’s what you want to tell yourself go for it….only bowlers think it’s a sport….which I am….it’s a recreational activity….nothing more nothing less.

    2. @Chris Haney For the millionth time, that don’t make it a sport. Pro dart tournaments are long and exhausting. I’m sure they have aches and pains for sure, I guess that means it’s a sport? NOPE. YOUR NOT A ATHELETE, give it up.

    3. @S C It is said great minds think alike, but what is just as true but not mentioned is stupid minds think alike as well.

    4. @keith garrison you’re ignorant and stupid bowling is absolutely a sport you have no clue what you are talking about

    1. @S C in a high school tournament it took me a 216 average to place SECOND, and in order to beat me at Conference, someone would’ve had to beat a 232 average, and that’s just high school. In order to place top 5 in most highschool tournaments (and I’m in southern Illinois) you would need at least a 205. Hell, I averaged 210 at sectionals and didn’t even move on to State

    2. @S C they use the easiest or one of the easiest oil pattern try getting on harder patterns then see you’ll average will go down 20-30 pins at least it’s a whole different game playing in tournaments and on harder oil patterns trust me

    3. @S C also if you are a guy that is nothing most guys have a 200 plus average closer to a 215 I average right now a 155ish and I am a 15 year old girl on high school patterns and on league patterns a 165ish average

    4. @S C it’s may not be the most athletic sport out there I will 100 percent agree but it’s is one of the most mental sports out there one bad ball or shot can screw up the rest of your game if you don’t think about it right it’s so easy to let one ball affect how you bowl the rest of the day even you don’t think it’s easy but one bad ball then your a little upset thinking about it next ball you go up and then bowl another bad ball and so on it takes lots of power and mental strength to be able to come back after a bad ball and IK because I have to do it all the time

  2. Bowling is most certainly a sport. It’s actually a great workout for your legs, wrist and forearm. It’s a mental game and being able to read the lane takes knowledge. People who say it isnt a sport really dont bowl.

    1. Exactly I have been bowling in leagues and tournaments for 18 years I’m a decent bowler not great

    2. I bowl mate and while yes it is a mental game that takes quite alot of skill it is not a sport. Saying that it is, is kind of disrespectful to the athletes who actually hurt and grind to be at a peak physical performance. Bowling takes alotttt of practice but it is not physically demanding enough. Here’s a good test, if you can drink beer, and be successful at that game, then its not a sport

  3. _Whether or not bowling is a sport, it’s undisputed that rolling or throwing a 15-16lbs ball 15-20 times a game 60 ft and doing THAT for 40-60 games a week starts to cause health issues._

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