Bowling Ball Maintenance | USBC Bowling Academy

USBC Certified Gold Coach Karen Pullman and Team USA Assistant Head Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney show us some tips on bowling ball maintenance and how to keep your equipment in the best shape possible.

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  1. Hey. Me again but I was wondering what y’all know about a bowling ball. It’s called a radical Guru. Idk if that’s the exact way to spell it, but I was using my friends ball for a tournament and I bowled better than ever before. On long, short, and medium patters. I have thrown my highest game with it. It’s works great and I wanted to know what the pro’s thought about the ball. Thanks for all the help keep it up

    1. Hi Dalton.  While it would be great to throw countless bowling balls and rate each and every one, it’s not functional or practical for our coaches to do so. There are several great publications who do ball reviews and offer different rating scales regarding performance. Some also offer multiple bowler styles for the same ball so they cover a larger spectrum of readers who can relate.As for a quick look here’s the technical specifications:Manufacturer: RadicalBall Name: Guru™Color: Black Solid Core: Asymmetric RG Int: 0.018 RG Min: 2.501 Differential: 0.044 Factory Finish: 500, 1500 Siaair Micro PadAnd as for performance, layouts, and a look at how it compares to other balls you can visit the manufacturers site for this ball by clicking here: Radical Guru ( link: ( .Thanks for continuing with the Bowling Academy.

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