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52 Comments on “Bowling Ball Review Storm Omega Crux | Pitch Purple AT THE Same Surface WITH DATA”

  1. I found that very surprising that according to SPECTO that the Pitch Purple actually had more overall hook than the Omega.

    1. keep in mind the pitch purple is symetrical core compared to a-sym on the crux. plus the crux is suppose to be a pearl version but he lowered the surface number. so the core is what is doing the work here not the surface.

    2. @nick 1208 Symmetricals generally hook less than asyms. And he didn’t lower the surface number. Omega Crux comes out as 3000 and this one was around 4500. In fact , increased it. And in any case the coverstock always does more work than the core.

    3. @The Therion it shows a 3000 finish but it has a pearl reactive coverstock. pearl coverstocks are higher than a 4500 finish

  2. Hey Ron, this is Levi from Levi and Jordan Bowling… and I was wondering your opinion on the Phaze III

    1. Ronald Hickland Jr I’m in love with my Phaze 3 already…Thinking of getting more CtD cleaner haha-Levi

    2. the phaze III is a fantastic ball. my average has increased by over 20pins in 6 games of league playing usiong this ball. i am getting a much more consistant and predictable read on the oil pattern

    3. @Levi and Jordan Bowling i went from a 200 up to a 220 in 6 games with this ball. Its possible. I bowl traditional and 2 handed depending on pattern. And its very easy to switch between both styles with this ball

    1. I was told that the pitch purple is a urethane by a storm staffer. But love the shape that it makes no matter what

    2. @Eric Fry Storm clearly mentions in their website that Pitch Purple is solid. So it has plasticizer in it, so no, it’s not urethane.

  3. Ball speed variation is key… I believe we naturally begin to decrease speed the farther from the gutter we get.

    1. @David Clark No some of the balls you mentioned are not urethane. Just because the marketing adds that word in a ball description, doesnt mean that suddenly a bunch of balls are urethane. If it has pores and absorbes oil, it is not “a urethane ball”. Simple as that.

    2. @The Therion David’s right. The Motiv Combat Tank would be another example, a hybrid urethane ball (I have one, by the way).

    3. @Cooper Gates I understand but we are not talking about hybrid urethanes. I have 2 hybrid urethanes btw. We were talking about when we can call a ball plain urethane.

    4. @Cooper Gates We would be splitting hairs at that point. Would you prefer that we call urethane balls “colored urethane”? It is redundant. We already know and see they are colored…

    1. @jace welsh You are still at it? Ron knows more than you, try to learn something. Pitch Purple is not urethane. Deal with it.

    2. @The Therion “Rev Control Solid Urethane”

      They probably used something other than resin to give it a shape more like a reactive ball. It’s not clear from that alone what its oil absorption rate is.

  4. Not trying to be rude please don’t take this that way. However I guess I missed what the point of this video was besides the pitch purple and the Omega being very similar balls when surface is similar

    1. ItsDolphinn its possible. my purple is fine but my crux prime is drilled wrong and it feels like it has no hook. so yes thats a possibility

  5. Not once did they talk about ball speed, which on the first shot we saw that he threw the Omega crux 1mph almost faster than the Pitch Purple. Hence why it hooked less… In my opinion if you’re playing the same line, speed becomes the most important piece of information.

    1. Agreed because I throw around 14 MPH and you’ll see a huge difference in which ball hooks the most. If I threw these two, the Omega Crux would hook significantly more than the Pitch Purple.

    1. If you’re talking about when they measured the grit of the balls. That isn’t a phone app it’s a special instrument for measuring it

  6. If the pitch purple is a “modern” urethane and it creates carry down and the omega absorbs oil can you play in the same line for both balls?

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