Bowling Ball Surface comparison | 500 Grit vs 500 Grit Sanded then Polished

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7 Comments on “Bowling Ball Surface comparison | 500 Grit vs 500 Grit Sanded then Polished”

  1. surprised the breakpoint on the polished ball was 1′ shorter…plus it deflected more off the deck.

  2. Please please follow up on this with a more in-depth video about surface.
    What is the difference when polished at higher grits?
    Which is more of a factor for hook potential: Lower surface, or switching to a solid cover?
    How do you KNOW when its time for a different surface?
    Is surface just for personal preference, or do pros practice, then re-surface for the best possible look?

    1. To answer your last question, all pros sand their balls. They sand either their personal balls or even brand new balls, depending on the look they want. I bowled with a pro in college, he told the whole team to resurface before tournaments. Typically lower grits for fresh and heavy oil to help gain traction

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