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  1. Awesome meeting you both in Akron, and the videos this week were great, I’ve never seen behind the scenes footage like that! And a shout out to Prather as well for being so sociable as well. Looking forward to more videos on the channel and on the membership site (I just joined.)

  2. Absolutely love the behind the scenes videos. Great job getting them out so quickly. A couple years ago, I’d watch the TV telecast and maybe know a bowler or two. Thanks to your coverage, I’m more invested and find myself sitting on the edge of my seat pulling for “The House” bowlers. Keep grinding!

    1. I wouldn’t have sat on that chair while my opponent is having his win celebration. Props to him for doing that

  3. I was SO pulling for Kyle to stay in the top 5 after that first round of match play, but alas, not to be. Given that, I was happy to see Master KP in there! I was hoping he’d pull off another one for ‘The House’, but again, didn’t happen. Must be that BIG curse of being tournament leader for the show. RATS!! Big congrats to Dom Barrett for winning the ToC, AND achieving the TRIPLE CROWN!! 🏆 He did this BEFORE even winning 10 titles! WOW!! Much deserved, after his last disappointing game on TV. Keep on pressing guys, and keep the vids rolling! 👍

  4. Really appreciated Prather taking the time to give his thoughts, especially after such a tough loss. Kids, if you’re looking for a role model, he’s one of the best.

  5. Brad & Kyle, thanks so much for this “behind-the-scenes” footage! I’ve been out of bowling for about 50 years. All your videos are helping me catch up to the modern game real fast. Keep up the good work & best of luck & success on the tour!

  6. Kris – you’ve shown incredible mental strength talking with these guys both before and after the show – especially after, as a fan I really appreciate you giving your insight to the before and after.

    I really appreciate it – good luck at the world series to all you guy. Your really doing a great job providing all this content – I hope the PBA appreciate what’s you, Packy, and Darren are all doing for the sport of bowling.

  7. That was a great ending to the vlog, too… basically Kris went in with a game plan, executed, and things didn’t go his way. Tough when that happens. It also made me understand how the whole tournament… things happen outside the bowlers’ control. I’m guilty of sitting back and saying ‘ya shoulda done this and that!’ … and I’m sure I’m not alone. We as league bowlers need to cut the pros some slack and accept that there’s levels to this game that we simply don’t understand.

    Good luck to the HOUSE next tournament. Keep stacking those cashes boys!!

  8. You gentlemen are all great ambassadors for the sport. I was lucky enough to chat with you (Brad) for a few moments during match play. You treat all of your fans great. Glad you were here to get a taste of NE Ohio and our love for the game, the history, the respect. Kris was throwing the ball so pure on Friday, it was a pleasure to watch. I stayed behind the scenes during the broadcast. We talked about being performing artists a bit but when I saw just how heavy handed the theatrical aspect of television has become it hit me pretty hard. Here you guys are, working away during the week on qualifying and match play and then, BAM, they throw up a stage, lights, camera, action and you have to become movie star/stage actors on top of having enough game to be there in the first place. Major respect for all you do.

  9. Love the behind the scenes part
    Prathers keys to success!!
    Had he used the Omega Crux oh well Ashley can make due without the extra 50K still a great payday for a week of work!!
    Brad and Kyle to celebrate March madness yall run a $300/year special ball of Choice and Years coaching!! Then in Aoril its $275
    For ball and coaching but no private FB group!! Great content love the vlogs!!

  10. Guys I’ve been hooked on your content for a few months now going back and watching a lot of your instructional videos and your dealings on “the tour grind”. This was my favorite VLOG so far! Great job with the behind the scenes and big ups for Prather for being an awesome spokesperson taking the time to share with us before the show and sharing his takeaways right after. Super class! Thanks guys!!! I sub everyone’s Channel in the house #LFGTH #trip4

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