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  1. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Wisconsin. Center wasn’t optimal last year, but i’ve had decent chats with the manager and he has been excited to have the tour back for a few months already

  2. You don’t need to be the best bowlers on tour to be the best ambassadors for the sport on tour. Keep that in mind. 🤘🏼

    1. Don’t forget… when you guys started this vlog years ago… it was ‘alright we’re gonna bowl for a title!’Then you cut to your ride home talking about ‘well we didn’t make it…’ it’s gone full circle. We’re your fans because we love seeing the real insight into what it’s like on tour, win or lose!

    2. Ray Lussier tried getting this through their heads only for Packy to actually run with that lesson.

    3. They inspire me to try to get there one day, but I’m 28. I don’t think I ever will. Keeping hope alive because of them.

  3. I pretty much watch all the major bowling vlogs, but you guys give bowling vlogs the most personal feel and the vibes are just good, no matter how you perform

  4. Far more bowlers can identify with the struggles you guys are dealing with than the bowlers who whack it week in and week out. The fact that you guys continue to share even though we all know you must be fried is admirable. It’s easy to share your highs, but there are important lessons in the lows. Can’t thank you guys enough for your willingness to put the camera in your face while you process disappointment. Always pulling for you both!

  5. Thanks for vlogs. Love them. Look for you guys every day. Keep at it, guys. You will get to the step ladder finals. Keep hope alive.

  6. you two have great content, and with your help on the instructional vlogs i’ve been able to improve my game and just last night i threw a 300game

  7. It’s the fact the you keep going with the videos even when you are having a bad day that keeps me here. Lots of other players might say that they didn’t have the best of days, but you show us the struggles. It also helps us mere mortals to see that even Professions can struggle with lane conditions. If you guys can have a bad game and shoot 130 / 140, then I don’t feel so bad when it happens to me or my team members. In fact, I use that very subject as a tool when we are struggling with lane conditions and the team is feeling down or upset. I remind them even you guys have bad games and that it’s not the end of the world if we have a bad night. No one wants to win more than you guys who do this for a living. For the rest of us this is just a hobby, and sometimes we just need to be reminded of that. Keep up the good fight.

  8. i feel like you guys bowled better this week when it was just the two of you doing edits, filming and just having someone film both of you just the day or weekend, it felt you guys were closer to the cut line instead of earlier in the blocks in past weeks thats the energy i get. i could be wrong and i hope i am but it could be a superstitious thing on why you guys haven’t done well. love your channel guys best one because of how personable the both of you are

  9. Honestly, watching the two of you struggle and handle it with class makes this the most compelling bowling vlog to watch. It’s relatable. The way you address the situations that come up and talk us all through them makes me root for you more every week. Just keep grinding, there’s a lot more bowling left this year. My only question for you guys is, when do you get your own custom candle like Belmo? 😂

  10. I’ll be watching you guys until you stop posting. Your content is fun and interesting. Your editing is also the best for how much bowling vs talking you do. Some channels show way too much bowling with no context which is boring. Keep it up guys we are rooting for you!

  11. 2:19 absolutely killed me. Don’t worry about if we are going anywhere or not; we are going to watch you regardless. Your viewers love you guys for the content, knowledge, mindset, experiences, etc., not where you place on the leader-boards. Y’all are pros regardless and we are here to support you as much as you teach us. Much love boys.

  12. i startet bowling last year and since then i am obsessed with your content. it gives me so much motivation working on myself and all your videos on techniques to improve my bowling helped me a lot! so i just wanted to thank you guys.
    i wish you all the best and hopefully one of you is able to win the next tournament.
    greetings from germany.

  13. Keep grinding. I’m sidelined rehabbing a hip so I’m just watching and learning. Thanks for the content.

  14. Kyle, can we get a video going through your stretches pre and post set? I’m getting older and realizing I can’t just get up and go and I would love to know your stretching routine. Thanks!

  15. I am a relatively new subsriber. 62 yo in May of this year – Have not bowled in over 15 years. Just got back into it about 2 months ago. You guys (and Darren Tang) are my favorite channels to watch. You guys are out there doing what you love and don’t try to make “fluff” pieces when things aren’t falling the way you want them. I appreciate that. You guys are awesome and things will come. I’ll be along on the ride with you guys good, bad or indifferent!!!!!

  16. You both are still an inspiration to us. You two are the best at representing bowling at its best and show us that it is a continuing grind. I don’t know how many times I have wondered. …ummm are they throwing on the same pattern as I am. Yes, the struggle is real, but know there are many of us pulling for you. Good luck at the Masters!

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