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33 Comments on “Bowling Layouts for the Modern Game Part 1”

  1. what bowling ball restoration system do you hold a patent on? Im only curious because im looking at purchasing the clear.

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr ok awesome. That’s not to far from me at all. I’ll come out and see you guys in Aug then. Big fan of your videos.. they are alot of help with someone like me in getting back into the sport catching up to all the new tech. It’s come along way all the way around and it’s only getting better. Thanks to your vids I can put some of it to good work!

  2. putting inserts in the ball or just simply being within an inch or 2 of the pin voids the warranty too. I would geuss more times than not the warranties arent worth what they are written on and it really comes down to the shop you go to if you get it replaced or not.

  3. A very informative video and simply put as well. I knew your name sounded familiar, a buddy of mine wanted me to watch this video because you seem to have the same view as I have on asymmetrical weight blocks. Anyways I’m terrible with names but when I saw who you were, light bulb came on… Long story short the Track In2ition is the asyms last shot in my bag. Using all the information I have on the way my ball rolls and being a precise as possible it was determined that 50 x 5 x 45 would be more than ideal. Sad news and same result … Squirty and condition specific once again

    1. It depends on the rest of the metrics we discuss. Think of it like baking a cake. You need all of the ingredients to know how it is going to turn out.

  4. Can’t wait to see the asymmetrical seminar. Would love to see some fresh insight and a real explanation on the reason you get the different reactions based on where the mb is located. Also why some bowlers just don’t match up well with asymmetricals.

  5. Very nice video. I want some infos pls… I have a low rev rate of around 175-200 and speed of avg 13. I want a very strong angular asymmetric ball for the heaviest of oil condition. Can u provide a drilling layout pls and suggest such ball? Also is the Radical Zing good as I want to purchase that ball which is very strong in the backend as per the description of the ball given.

  6. Great Video with lots of useful info … In regards to the software – Powerhouse Blueprint Software … It looks like it is not supported anymore and I was using a 5 day free trial and loved it! … two balls with layout and drilled by local pro shop(specs provided) flare over the thumb hole … Anyway to get a full version of Powerhouse Blueprint Software???

  7. My speed is average 13 (reduced due to lumbar pain), PAP is 5 & 7/8Up, Rev around 200. I need the following
    1) A very strong skid-flip (strong backend) layout
    2) A very strong continous layout
    Would you be able to help please?

  8. The worried fiction coincidently sneeze because swamp putatively relax regarding a greedy acrylic. flat, natural daniel

  9. Since I don’t have an existing bowling ball when I go to my local pro shop to purchase one how would the technician determine my layout and P.A.P to best suit my needs

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