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29 Comments on “Bowling Layouts Pin Up | Pin Down Performance Difference?”

    1. Pin down starts to read sooner and that may work better for you. They also tend to have a smoother, less aggressive move off the spot. The overall hook may not change, but the shape and severity of the move changes.

    2. @MrMalditor ring finger pin out seems too work best for. Was not fan of pin down at reads too for me.

  1. Be careful with pin down, since weight holes are not allowed next year. Obviously, always make sure your stuff is in line with regulations.

  2. Great videos. I had to learn this the hard way buying 6 symmetrical balls and not being able to notice a huge difference on pin up vs pin down.

  3. I find it interesting that the pin down hooked more, when the numbers should indicate that the pin up one should be the one that hooks more. Pin up had higher diffs which = more flare, which you said at the end of the video when you were talking about the track. What do you think is the reason for the pin down having more total boards?

    1. what I take from this is that when you drill pin up even though it increases the differential that usually just increases the snap off of the pattern, pin down because the rg is lower it creates an earlier roll and creates more boards covered in total. Pin up increases rg pin down decreases.

  4. Explain how pin up vs pin down changes differential and how that affects performance, much more specific than this video.

    1. Tyrone From Wii Sports – judging from the video it didn’t make a huge difference. Granted if he would’ve used a higher pin up and a lower pin down we would probably see more differences

    2. The differential values are in the video. Look at the bottom of the screen. We are showing how all of the numbers change and the impact of them. It’s all there if you really want to dive into it.

  5. Didn’t hear it mentioned that the two are Symmetrical balls. Would like to see this done using Asymmetrical balls.

  6. You’re not taking into account how pin up vs pin down differs in how they drill into the core and change core dynamics. It might not create a large difference in gross hook numbers but it can definitely affect carry if you’re playing the 2 balls on the same line.

    1. Actually the program shows numerically exactly how the core numbers are changed on all 3 axis by drilling.

  7. Just wanted to say I appreciate you uploading these vids Ron. You deserve way more credit than given my brotha

  8. Similar hook amount, but slightly different shape of the ball motion. As you say though, most wont notice difference.

  9. I agree that placing the pin slightly above, below, or within the finger holes will usually result in more or less the same medium ball motion.
    Pin-up is with the pin UP, like 1-2″ above/away from the fingers. And pin-down is with the pin DOWN, close to the midline.

  10. Ron, do you have a similar video with a greater difference between your VAL angles, like a 70 vs. a 20?

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