28 Comments on “Bowling on 3 Different PBA Patterns?!? | 2022 WSOB”

  1. The VLOGS just keep on coming! Thanks Brad and Kyle for keeping bowling fun again – give your editor a raise!

  2. Great video – thanks to Brad for his thoughts during practice session and the tour of the bowling center. Looked like a GG Mason sighting on that video session he walked in on! Will be interesting to see what happens with urethane on Cheetah today.

  3. Gotta get the not-so-good shots out of the way, lol. Hang in there, guys. Stay focused and relaxed, that’s my advice for the day 😉👍

  4. Great work on the camera Dennis! I do have one favor… Player of the year, rookie of the year, won two majors in 2021. Please show this guy throwing a few. Good luck Brad and Kyle!!! Lots of bowling but you got this…. STRIKE A LOT!!!

    1. Who won 2 majors in 2021? I thought there were five different winners:
      Players: Kyle Troup
      World Championship: Tom Daugherty
      US Open: Chris Via
      Masters: Thomas Larsen
      TOC: Francois Lavoie

    2. I film for Brad and Kyle, any other player that makes these vlogs are because they are bowling close and I have good footage for them. If the footage is bad or blocked, it isn’t put in the vlogs.

  5. T Roberts: “I don’t miss” but Trevor… the cuts… 😅😂 JK we love that guy.

  6. Keep up the great work guys and just one more thing. Since my bowling season is done with should I consider getting a urethane bowling ball and if so how should I throw it?

  7. Thanks for showing us the behind the scenes at PBA events! It so interesting. However during the montages, although strikes and bad breaks are nice to watch, can we get more spares and split attempts?

  8. I didn’t like my ball 15lbs venom shock! but after seeing what ej did with it in the duble tordament am keeping it! but u can’t throw it slow like noob say cuse it will hook to much gotta keep it between 15to 16mph to see it keep its line 👌

  9. Brad just might be this generations Norm Duke with how good he is as hand positions and control of various releases. Love seeing how good he is at tricking up his hand to make the reaction match the end of the pattern shape.

  10. Question for you guys:
    When your practicing on practice day, how much do you change your ball surface during practice?

  11. Mikey tang is gonna make a show on one of these patterns…calling it right now. Manz is throwing it good.

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