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Having oil on the lane is absolutely necessary, as we all know. But what happens when you throw a ball on a lane with no oil?
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37 Comments on “Bowling on a lane with NO OIL | The Role Oil Plays on the Lane”

  1. Had to make up some league games the other week. They hadn’t oiled the lanes in four days. Needless to say it was interesting.

    1. This should really not be aloud, dont you think? I am sure the other team got to play on the fresh, why not you as well?

    2. Because there is not USBC rule that states you have to have fresh oil on the lane for league. So unless it is in your leagues contract with the center oh well.

    1. yeah it would be fun, but i think they would hardly ever try those for it can damage the ball and the lane

    2. @Jarred Taylor Just need to keep your hand behind the ball and not create a lot of turn on the ball. Back in the day this is how you had to play the game.

    3. @Aereaux nah. Its still impossible. I keep my hand behind the ball and I get like 450rpm+. I’ve went out and practiced at places before and the lanes had zero oil on them(one time its like they stripped them and didn’t oil the lanes lol). It absolutely sucked but you could stand far left and get it to work if you threw it out in the right angle. Or you have to throw the fast knuckle ball. Its the only way on no oil

    4. @Jarred Taylor not a chance unless he could loft the bowling ball 3/4 of the way down cause as you seen as soon as it touched the lanes it shoots left

      Edit: you could try to get the ball to roll more end over and but even than it just flys right

  2. I really wanted him to step out on the lane and say
    “As you can see, I’m not dead. So there is, indeed, no oil on this lane.”

  3. Many, many years ago I bowled in an ABC national tournament. Team, doubles and singles. It was in a bowling alley, but in a big building where ABC laid down the lanes. These were maple lanes with no oil and hard rubber balls. It was brutal.

    1. Thats because people have been on them all day long. Lol not gonna oil lanes for people who use house balls anyway lol

  4. I took bowling as an elective at La Tech….. teacher said he was a “pro” back in the day lol. Didnt like that I was a bowler so he made sure there was no oil and no one tried to “hook” it. lol Still spanked him rolling straight!

  5. Dude that was simply amazing, I’m a beginning league bowler and that video really helps me understand more of the lane condition part of bowling. Well done thank you!

    1. I use to have to explain this to everyone when I was a pinsetter mechanic. Knowing the oil pattern is vital .

  6. I remember we had a school bowling practice once and I don’t think they oiled the lanes at all. So everyone ended up bowling like 100, and I threw my urethane ball cross lane and even then, I only got 6 pins at most. It was really funny and frustrating at the same time.

  7. Wow my mind was just blown at the end when he turned the lights off and it showed the patterns of his shots. Pretty cool.

  8. Not gonna lie, when he turned off the lights and showed the tracked rolls on the floor, that was pretty cool

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