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17 Comments on “Bowling on a “pattern” (hard lane condition) what to look for?”

    1. voltron force is that really a foul? We got a few bowlers in my league that drop their ball every time on release and that approach is feeling it.

    2. @jazlarvonsteich that’s what I thought. And you also have to have released the ball. Mike Machuga went halfway down the lane on TV and that shot wasn’t counted as a foul I don’t think.

    3. TraumaER well why don’t they just move closer to the foul line so the ball released passed the line . Don’t see the point of releasing it so far back . Might as well release it from the snack bar

    1. When you bowl on anywhere from 32ft to 48ft sport patterns you travel with a little bit of everything. Once the lanes break down the shining stuff can bail you out on some patterns.

    2. Richard Dawson I fundamentally disagree with this. If I’m on 34 feet I don’t want anything shiny. I’d rather trick it with my hand than rely on shine which just magnifies over/under. I need to be In at 5th arrow to consider shine. 4000 works me better than shine, especially anything OOB shine

    3. Yep, I agree about short patterns. We pull out the shine on burn down long patterns. Typically left of 4th arrow by then and the break point has moved left. The shine will push through the burn out section.

    4. I have zero shiny stuff in my bag. I can’t throw anything with polish on it. It has nothing to do with the pattern though.

    5. All in reality any accomplished bowler has both. The main difference is thst the polish on shiny balls is typically taken off. Such as Tommy Jones throwing the melee. He more than likely at least hit it with a 4000 pad to get rid of the polish but the ball is still “shiny” or pearlized

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