25 Comments on “Bowling On My FIRST MAJOR SHOW!”

  1. Wishing you the best, man. Missouri strong!
    Focus, breathe, and follow your process. You got this.

  2. This needs like 100M views. Kyle’s run through the Master’s bracket is in the top tier of runs in any sport I’ve ever seen. LFG Kyle!

  3. So rad to see you winning on the big stage, Kyle. Rooting for you! Crush pins in the finals! Cheers!

  4. Awesome job Kyle!! I was watching on Bowl TV all day. Way to stay even keel with the ups and downs of all the matches. Go in Sunday one match at a time, one frame at a time, and one ball at a time and just give it your all. Good luck!!

  5. Met you in Springfield last year at the Ozarks. Was happy to meet such a personable young man who is doing so much for the game. It’s good to meet someone who loves the game as much as I have.
    Wishing you good luck. Your ball reaction was great. Hope you have a look that’s good for the finale.

  6. Great job Kyle! What a wild ride. We will all be rooting for you on Sunday. I want to hear the crowd whistle after each win. Best of luck

  7. SO hyped for this show. Kyle’s run is one of the best things I’ve ever seen in bowling!

  8. Congratulations Kyle, watched this on Tv, and I was yelling and cheering through the whole show. You got this.

  9. Best of luck today in the finals Kyle!! What a ridiculously crazy run and hopefully you can keep riding that train!! Been a sub since probably the first month or so you guys started this channel and I can’t wait to watch you take the Masters today!!

  10. I know I wasn’t the only who was rooting with every ball thrown and the disappointment I had when you threw 7 and then the pure excitement I had after the second strike in rolloff. Yes I know you definitely had it worse but you kept your emotions in check and did what you had. Main show starting now ready to watch you bring it home.

  11. Congratulations Kyle. Just watched the telecast. You looked really focused. Epic comeback from hip surgery. Respect

  12. I enjoyed Kyle’s run at the Masters so much. Kyle, you are an inspiration even to us mid-level bowlers. Your focus and confidence at the highest level was a real pleasure to watch. Can you and Brad do a episode on focus? Are there any methods you can share on staying focused throughout a match – the mental part of the game?

  13. Kyle I was cheering and rooting for you!! So proud to see you run the ladder and make as far as you did😊. Outstanding effort sir. Congratulations on the accomplishment.

  14. Not a win, but an EPIC tournament for you Kyle!! Mad respect for the run you made and the moxie you showed throughout 👏

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