29 Comments on “Bowling on Scorpion Stings…| 2022 PBA World Series of Bowling”

  1. Ik Scorpion pattern didn’t help you guys out but grinding it out and getting better can help you. Keep up the good work and keep grinding

  2. Scorpion is tough. Bowled on it in a couple of regionals. Really hard and no room for error to an extent. Good luck guys

    1. Which is funny because watching this just looks like a normal house shot. Which 40-42′ is generally around house length.

    1. Oldest guy. Shortest guy. Skinniest guy. But his touch, his feel, and his knowledge of the game is second to none. On any given game, he can still beat guys like EJ or Jasper, who are throwing 2-3 times his rev rate. It’s like watching your grandpa come down from the stands and showing you how it’s done. Really a phenomenal bowler.

  3. Svennson’s reaction at 3:32 was too funny! It looked like he thought he missed but it was a perfect pocket strike!

  4. Hey viewers what’s the problem here? The video has 3300 views but less than 200 likes? We’re trying to support these guys, we need to do better. If you’re going to watch the video hit that Thumbs Up Button real quick that helps them out a lot. And to Brad and Kyle keep it up. You guys are rolling the ball real well. The pins will start falling eventually.

  5. Both of you need to keep that right knee bent when you throw.. sometimes thr knee straightens and ball either hits light or slightly pulls.. just an observation

  6. Looks like the light hits carried better, I once bowled a tourny where I needed a 250 last game to make the cut but was having trouble carriying the 10 so I played for the light hits, struck 11 out of 12 with the light hits, only non strike was a high 4 pin, shoot 279 and made the cut.

  7. Norm still out there with the wisdom of an elder, the spirit of a youngster and the heart of a champion.

  8. 25 and 26 I believe was the pair we started on my first tournament on A Team Brad. Very fun tournament. Bowl well K & B!

  9. Listening to Norm talk about “the goal”. I find that’s what gives him the edge. He isn’t happy just to make the “cut” or cheque out. He wants to win.

    Brad, I’m rooting for you man. Hope you can develop that extreme drive and mindset.

  10. Love watching you guys bowl. I have bowled on some of the PBA animal patterns in a summer league and you guys sure do make it look easy. Keep up the good work and putting out great videos. It’s awesome to see all the hard work that goes into making it to the big shows on TV.

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