12 Comments on “Bowling Pro Tip: How to Make More 10 Pins”

    1. It certainly can be used any time you have a spare that you need throw straight at. For me that is every single pin spare except the 5 pin, and most multi-pin spares. For most bowlers on a typical house pattern this is only needed for the 6, 10, and the 6-10, as well as the mirror image for the lefties. I also think it helps on the 3-6-10, reducing the chance of chopping off the 3 pin.

  1. I tend to use what we call the handbag position so I turn my wrist and point my thumb down. But hey it is a good tip. Thank you

  2. I do flatten out my wrist for 10 pins and I do separate my pinky from ring finger. But, I have never had it in mind to aim that V toward the pin. Thank you. I will definitely try that tip tomorrow.

  3. Flat hand is needed in a spare ball on house league conditions too.
    What? One ball?
    I bring 4 on league night. I show up looking like a scratch bowler. Psych the other team.
    Most nights I use 3.Mix for spares, Electrify hybrid the first 1.5-2. Usually end up with the Burner solid at the end. Lefty, so my kryptonite is the 7.

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