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Rev rate is a very important aspect in today's game, but it isn't the only thing! We discuss other ways to adjust without trying to increase your rev rate.

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Bowling shots filmed at St. Charles Lanes




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27 Comments on “Bowling Rev Rate Debunked!”

    1. Peter K it is actually pretty easy. Just shorten your approach. That causes you to slow everything down and you will naturally not throw the ball as fast. I move as much as 18″ forward and back on the lane to alter ball speed. There are other ways of doing it, but most people I have bowled with find the shorter approach being the easiest.

      You can also back up from the foul line to get your ball to read the lane a little earlier if you tend to lift the first bit of the lane. I can’t do this because I lay the ball down at the line. Dropping your ball position at the start also helps with a lower back swing to slow everything down.

    1. @The Therion I think what he means is that most house shot bowlers that want to get better always think revs is the only thing. Alot of people just see the revs but not speed, hand or pressure adjustments and thats all they think they need to get better.

    2. Brandon Fong agreed. Revs is not the only solution, but usually a change from too much hook, would be to throw it flat. So when the ball isnโ€™t hooking enough to get to the pocket, is to put a little more lift. Or you could move your feet and eyes slightly.

  1. Great explanation of rev rate and slowing your speed down in order for the ball to work his magic and do what it’s supposed to do let the ball do the work. Great job guys keep the videos coming it’s making me a better bowler day by day

  2. interested in a how-to video for increasing speed (for those of us w/ strong hand but slower ball speeds)

  3. Love what you are doing here. Good work. I have a list of topics I would like to see you tackle. Thanks for giving back the knowledge you are acquiring.

  4. Norm Duke knows a lot more than matching ball speed with rev rate. That little man is a god in the bowling world. He and Chris Barnes are one of the only two players that really analyze the game as deep as they do and that’s what makes them the best in the world.

    1. Austin Washburn, I love BOTH those guys because they DONโ€™T yank it. I can much more easily emulate them. Iโ€™m NOT them, I realize, but I can integrate some of what they do and be consistent with it.

  5. Took the ID test thing and found out that I’m matched on my rev and speed. I need to watch my tilt on my ball.

  6. Thatโ€™s pretty basic actually. Iโ€™ve been doing this for years. You can either adjust your speed or move your position and angle.

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