22 Comments on “Bowling The Best For BIG $$$”

  1. I like to think that Quagmire would be the most entertaining person on a night out but still be a sensitive lover

  2. That is a wicked smooth swing you’ve got there, Mr. Sherman, sorta like Federer’s backhand. I could watch you throw that ball all day… πŸ™‚

  3. As bad as it sounds, it makes me feel better that even bowlers like you guys can have games where your scores look like mine. Then you throw these huge games that are still out of reach for me. High game 241 so far.

  4. Kyle you have one of the most amazing forms in all of bowling good sir, from the set up to the release it is honestly a thing of beauty good sir. Joy to watch.

  5. When I was talking to you last Tuesday, when you were filming the best storm ball video, this was going to be the weekend you both did well. Congrats on 2nd place to you both, rolled the ball well and who knows maybe next year you can get the win.

  6. The high end definitely is tougher we bowl league down on the high end in tuesdays and compared to the lower end even on house shot my average is about 15-20 difference between the ends

  7. Ohh i think I remember this tournament from either last year or the one b4 …it had the dope Christmas song and I’m pretty sure Kyle dropped a three in that one and u get like presents for 300 right

  8. I read that young lad Tacky Panrahan, once threw a 300 game LEFT handed using a no-thumb, two-handed granny technique. Simply amazing!

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