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25 Comments on “Bowling – The Perfect Game | ABC Sports”

  1. Chris Schenkel and Bo Burton, I loved watching these guys grow up.  Every Saturday I looked forward watching the tour.  Not quite the same now….

  2. What’s going on with sponsorships ? Benoit 300 game was bowled with a Columbia ball wile wearing a Brunswick shirt !!!

  3. This is what I lived for when I was a kid! Every Saturday afternoon, I’d watch the “Professional Bowlers Tour” on ABC Sports, and watch my favorite bowlers compete. I still watch the pros every now and then on ESPN Sundays… so great to see some of my favorites still competing past 50 years old! And lest I forget… Rest in peace, Chris Schenkel!

    1. The REAL professional bowlers’ tour. Better announcers. A better game back then.

    2. @Motorsports Fan Since 2003 Not the garbage Fox has, “he went for a burger and fries and came home with steak and potatoes. “

  4. 42:53 In 1991 Bowling Great Pete Weber Won The United States Open For A 2nd Time
    With No Problems Well Almost No Problems

  5. This is a great Historical re-cap of the PBA Tour and ABC’s Coverage up until around 1990. Thanks for posting. While watching the ’92 season I saw the ads for this VHS tape for sale and wanted to see this. And thanks to Youtube I don’t need to use Ebay.

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