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  1. This is something I have been working on over the summer, and I’ve been inconsistent with keeping my trail leg on the ground and in the right place. Gonna keep working on it. Thanks for all your tips guys. I’ve watched a lot of bowling tips videos from other pros and coaches, but your videos are the best imo. ❀️🎳

  2. The biggest thing that Kyle and Marshall have is their body structure. Long, Talln, Linky frame is a contributing factor. Plus it adds to it be a little bit more flexible.

  3. These videos are GOLD. Thank you very much!
    Tips on general rules to follow when bowling on short and long patterns in the future please. 😊🎳

  4. Good information. Jasnau specifically talked about this in my coaching session with him and actually compared me to Brad in terms of how I would bring my trail leg up instead of keeping it on the ground behind me.

  5. Good stuff! Do you guys have any tips on getting and keeping a deeper knee bend? I notice I can keep my foot down, but it still wants to lift because my body can’t stay low enough through the knee bend. Is this just a muscular thing that requires the gym?

    1. I’m not sure it requires going to the gym but you have diagnosed the problem correctly. If the muscles around the knee aren’t strong enough you will reflexively pop up to protect the knee. If you don’t want to go to a gym these are muscles you can strengthen on you own. Biking and climbing stairs will strengthen them as will doing squats and lunges. as you get stronger you hole a dumbbell or a bowling ball while you do your squats or lunges.

    2. @J Anderson Thanks for the tips! I’ve been doing gymnastic ring work with my pull-up bar to get into deep knee positions and emulate the proper form at release, but I think I really just need to start lifting weights or doing weighted squats.

      I do frequently use a 15-pound dumbbell and go through the approach and that has helped a ton with my arm swing, but definitely still struggle keeping that deep knee bend without the need to bend at the waist. Just a work in progress I guess.

  6. My son got a impromptu lesson from Parker Bohn III at a ball demo… he STRESSED to him.. balance balance balance… he called it “sticking the landing” meaning .. when you slide, that slide foot does not wiggle around at the foul line

  7. Every time I see Jasnau he references Brad and his progress. I just realized this lately too. Brad current post/balanced is a good visual.

  8. I feel like every video follows after the problems I had at league that week prior πŸ˜‚ I have 99 problems but getting info from these boys isn’t one

  9. How about us with almost constant vertigo issues? I have to adjust almost every throw and cannot get consistent.

  10. i was going to bowl today and tried this on my last 3 games that i bowled and shot 20+ my avg helped a lot thank you. also keep up the great work always watching your videos and excited to see more.

  11. Great job! It is hard to find instructional videos that discuss the trail leg. My problem is that my trail leg is more like 6 to 7 o”clock, which makes it difficult to get the ball close to my slide ankle. I keeop trying to get it to 8 o’clock, but it is difficult to fight a lifetime of muscle memory. LOL

  12. I have really been struggling with this and never even thought first the problem was my trail leg, thank you guys!

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