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46 Comments on “Bowling Tips: How to Hit Your Target”

    1. At least one study was done on foul shooting in basketball that showed spending 30 minutes sitting in a chair visualizing shooting the ball though the hoop measurably improved players abilities to shoot foul shot on the court. I don’t remember how often you had to do the visualization, or what percentage improvement occurred, but the same should apply to bowling.
      Also, since Brad emphasized having good balance at the line, anything to improve your overall balance would help. Since good balance requires engaging your core muscles, it would be good to do exercises that strengthen your core. You can also work on you legs for both strength and endurance, since bowling well requires good legs as well.

  1. This just might help me for my upcoming season! Good luck and stay healthy!!! Looking forward to once the pba restarts!😭😭

  2. Love how you guys are trying to help with everything, even things that everyone does differently

  3. Yesssss, I am going to watch a lot of bradandkyle because they closed everything I love. They closed down food, fun and bowling.

  4. you must have access to your bowling alley for video recording . ours here in Washington state are all closed because of the CV19 battle .

    1. I feel you. I wish I still worked at my local bowling alley. I’m sure the employees are still bowling. And probably close friends. Months of being closed sucks. I hope my local lanes can afford this shut down and eventually reopen

    2. More than two months of closed bowling houses, PRB in Vegas cancelled, league gets ready to start…closed for riots!

    3. We’re in the Championship for the league I’m in and that’s been delayed since March. Still not sure when we gonna bowl the Finals.

      God bless everyone.

    4. i did bowling for my school and right after it ended corona started and i couldn’t bowl to practice at all. so now starting my second year im very rusty lol, but im getting a heavier ball thats fingertip so it will be a lot better for me!

  5. The shot is super weird. The background literally looks like a green screen overlay. But they Brad bowled on it, and I freaked out

    1. Lanes are open in Texas 🙂 almost broke 200 yesterday. I’m a rookie. Been bowling hard since February.

    1. That’s my problem. Is the dot focus better than the arrow leading to the break point
      Help. Conrsd

    2. @Conrad Mitchell well looking at the dots does make you put more hand on the ball and more revs so. I can only look at both sets of dots honestly

  6. Key word in the process is “Visualization”, alignment, focus and balance… Great tip and vlog… miss seeing you guys out on the road grinding it out on tour…

  7. Great video, you explained it very clearly and in simple terms, showed it to my kids (whom you met at 2019 US Open!) and it will be a great help in their bowling education.

  8. I have trouble keeping my eyes on my target. I have a very high back swing like Kyle how do I keep my eyes on target.

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