20 Comments on “Bowling Tips | How to Play Multiple Lines Like the Pros!”

  1. Had a long pattern last night and couldn’t find the pocket on one of the lanes. The other lane had a slight hook. Very frustrating.

  2. Trying to understand how to adjust when to adjust or when to change balls is the hardest thing for me. I typically bowl on a house shot or at least that’s what the leave claims to put out but the past 2 weeks I’ve had a ton of trouble with my ball over hooking. My only thought was keep moving left trying to stay in more oil but my big ball the radical crypto over hooked now matter what and my more benchmark type ball the venom coral blue pretty much didn’t hook so I stayed with the crypto but I guess my question is if for some reason they had put out a shorter pattern would it also be flatter because I never tried moving right because I figured it would over hook off what’s supposed to be dry boards on the gutter.

  3. Amazing video guys! I just started bowling a sport league and this is going to help me so much. After watching this video I learned I’ve been doing it completely wrong. Thank you for the video! You guys are awesome!

  4. This is something that has taken me a while to realize. My dad will even give me pointers on what kind of adjustment I need to make and when to make it. Last night I subbed in Monday night mixed league, and I had to not only ball down, but move left because the lanes were really hooking, and the move I made must have been the right move because I bowled 5 strikes in a row for the first time! πŸ˜ƒπŸŽ³

  5. Love the tips . My style of release is a bit different than the normal. However, super helpful! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ³πŸŽ³πŸŽ³

  6. This might be one of the best videos you’ve done yet. A lot of good info to work with. So many times on these types of videos it seems that people do a fair bit of editing and only show the quality shots. It helps to see a pro like Brad actually working it out and not throwing perfect shots to get lined up.

  7. Awesome video guys, I’d like to see where you stand on the approach to better understand when you say you are moving to the right or left. Thank you!

  8. FYI Brad and Kyle .. your giveaway signup page doesn’t allow my email address .. I have seen this kind of thing before. It is not allowing non-standard type of domain names. You should have your host fix this issue. Have a fantastic holiday season !!! ..and thanks for another fantastic video!

  9. Another thing for short patterns, IF they have heavy heavy volumes of oil, option to use a strong Asym ball like Ebonite Polaris can work good! Longer patterns using a Sym!

  10. I’m going to be in St Louis for 7 weeks to train for a new job soon. I’m not sure yet exactly how much free time I’ll have or if I’ll feel up to bowling during it, but I’m planning to bring my bag with me and I’ll definitely check out that center if I get the chance. I’d love to bowl with you guys if possible.

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